Studio photos of OX4 Sound from the archive

A small sample of our photos from an excellent Oxfordshire Studio

Based just outside of Oxford in a peaceful but not isolated small collection of rustic buildings sits a lovely studio built by artist Mark Gardener.  

We have yet to film a studio tour or feature at OX4 Sound and expect that this year might be the year that happens but with Mark's touring with his band Ride, finding a time when the studio is available and a time when he's there can be difficult.  The studio is really busy and following an addition of a lovely new 'green room' with kitchen and private outside space there's a lovely relaxed vibe but very well equiped technical specification.  

recording studio photos of OX4 Sound

Sat at the heart of the control room is an SSL AWS948 console with big ATC monitors.  All around are keyboards, guitars and everything you need to make a great record.  

recording studio photos of OX4 Sound

This is a really nice studio and we are looking forward to running a feature sometime soon - meanwhile, we thought it a shame to keep the studio off the site and like so many studios that we visit to photograph (Mark has used our photos for his website), the video tour can take much longer to arrange.

If you'd like the team to visit please let us know.

recording studio photos of OX4 Sound


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