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Lenny Franchi


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Lenny has just finished producing the debut album for the much talked about, up and coming Liverpool based four piece, The Crescent (Hut Recordings), which includes their last single ‘Spinnin Wheels’.

Lenny has recently produced and mixed the forthcoming debut EP release for Jody Wildgoose and a single for The Tokyo Dragons. Other recent projects include the Delta album 'Hard Light', the Goldrush singles 'Same Picture' and 'Wide Open Sky' as well as singles for The Crescent and The Vinyls. Currently in the studio working on pre-production for The Crescent’s second album.

After playing bass guitar in various bands, started to assist at De-Mix Studios London, owned by producer Martin Lascelles. Then, going freelance asan engineer and programmer, spent time working with Tricky on his "Nearly God" project and various re-mixes, includingworking on Bjork's "post" album.

This led onto engineering and programming for Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) including working on the fear satan re mix by MOGWAI and CURVES coming up roses re mix, after working with Rudi Tambala (ex A R Kane / M.A.R.R.S.) on his "Sufi" project, met Guy Sirman at Dishy Recordings (now Delorso Records), which led to producing his band SoulBossa. Produced Delta's album "Slippin Out" to critical acclaim, this was also on Dishy Records. Through David Boyd at Hut Recordings, recorded and co produced the Birth album "Gotten Bold", once more to critical acclaim...........

During 2001 spent time working with THE BURN (hut recordings).produced and mixed DELTAS forthcoming album... "hard light"...(set for Beb 2002 release]now signed to mercury.the DELTA single... "could you" their forthcoming single "nothing happend"(produced&mixed) went on to do the debut EP for THE MUSIC... "you might as well try to fuck me"...for hut recordings(all tracks produced&mixed) also in sept of 2001 hooked up with sandy roberton at worlds end producer management........

Finished off the year by doing some mixes for tetra splendour{emi/wishakismo}produced the forthcoming single"pioneers" for virgins new signing" goldrush" and is currently finishing their album which will go through into jan 2002 and then begin work on "the cresent" debut single for hut recordings...........