Chris Tsangarides

Record producer video interview

Legendary music producer Chris Tsangarides talking with George Shilling at Chris' recording studio

Chris Tsangarides is one of those producers that has been a driving force in record production for longer than we can remember. We had never met Chris before so were wondering what this Grammy nominated writer, producer, engineer and mixer was going to be like. Have we met a more friendly and cheerful person, ever? Err, no. Chris is just an amazing character, full of fun and obvious enthusiasm for his craft. More than that, he has huge talent and he is as in demand today as he was when he was working at Morgan Studios back in 1975.

Special thanks to George Shilling for asking the questions and providing the music!

Very special thanks to Chris Tsangarides for being such an excellent interviewee!

Record producer Chris Tsangarides behind his mixing desk

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Some blurb from Chris' myspace page:

"Chris took his first job as a Tape Op at the legendary Morgan Studios in 1975, which later became Battery Studios. He produced his first record at the tender age of 21, Gary Moore's "Parisienne Walkways" after a rapid ascent through the Studio honour system. His discography reads like a veritable whos who of alternative rock taking in credits for NWOBHM acts like; Tygers of Pan Tang, Girl,Sledgehammer etc and then, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Ian Gillan, Bruce Dickinson, Depeche Mode, The Tragically Hip, Concrete Blonde and more recently Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Moore, Aqualung, Ian Hunter, Less Than Jake and ThisGirl.

Chris created and invented the VORTEX mic-ing system favoured by studios and producers worldwide for getting the true'est and most natural guitar sounds from their guitar amps. Chris also had his own valve state studio, up until Jan06 in Surrey, England piled high with vintage analogue gear along with the latest in digital recording platforms fondly named The Dump! 2005 saw Chris working on a diverse array of projects and albums including, New Model Army, Gary Moore, Glyder, Sacred, Leanne Harte, Stella Maris and Flashpoint. Lynchpin produced with good buddy Russ Russell was the final project at The Dump before the big move.

2006 had started with the construction of CT's new studio sited on top of the famous White Cliffs at Dover, in his home village. Named "The Ecology rooms" based around a 32 channel TLA VTC desk and RADAR 24, it has a great sea view, a bunk house, a glorious atmosphere and all of that fine equipment from the old Dump studios. You'll also be seeing Chris on the silver screen next year in a feature documentary covering the life and times of Canadian Metal giants ANVIL. The filming has documented the recording of their new album with Chris at The Ecology Rooms during April/May this year. If you can't wait till next year to catch a glimpse of the "balded one" waxing lyrical, you might want to check out the new "Heavy Metal-Louder than Life" DVD which is out on general release.

Find out more about Chris, visit his MySpace page