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Jeremy du Bois

New contact details:
Patience Purdey - (520) 628 8655  

Dashboard Confessional, "Summer's Kiss" (Producer,Recorded,Mixed)

New Found Glory Lp "Nothing Gold Can Stay"Drive-thru/MCA (Produced,Recorded,Mixed)
Against All Authority Lp's "Destroy What Destroys You", "24 Hour Roadside Resistance", Many comp songs and and splits. Hopeless Records (Producer,Recorded,Mixed)
Cavity "Drowning"Lp Bacteria Sour Records,"Super Collider"Lp Mans Ruin Records,"On The Lam" Lp Hydra Head Records.
Buzzoven "At A loss"Lp Off the Records engineer
Futher Seems Forever "Vengeance Factor" Song on Emo Diaries Chapter Four (Co Produced Engineered Mixed
Seville "Waiting in Seville"Ep Fiddler Records (Co Produced Recorded Mixed)
Jeremy started out as a guitar player but broke his wrist in  1992 (at age 18)at a show and had a plaster cast for 9 months. With nothing to do and no hope of ever playing again he started searching for somthing to do with his life.With a Radioshack tape deck and a Soundtech Mixer (leftover from early band days) he started recording my friends .

Within 2 years he opened Tapeworm Studios in Miami,Fl Recording Mostly punk and emo groups such as New Found Glory and Against All Authority . Within years he had gear such as Neve and Studer on his  sides.  His days at Tapeworm Ended in 1999 mostly due to my lack of wanting to deal with running a studio full time and a new  partnership was born with Dungeon Recording Studios where he currently works only Producing and Engineering.  Since making that move he's worked with many other artist such as Further Seems Forever, Seville aswell as new projects with New Found Glory and Against All Authority.








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