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Neil Dorfsman - recording engineer and record producer

Neil Dorfsman is possibly one of the leading record producer's on the planet with an engineering and production track record that few can match. We hope to be bringing a video feature in the near future so come back soon. Check out this amazing biog, then, why not get in touch to have him help you?

Grammy Award for Best Producer *1
Grammy Award for Best Engineer *2
Grammy Award for Best Pop Album *3
Grammy Nomination for Best Engineer *4

Recent Work: Bjork “Medulla” (New album) Rec
Various Film Soundtracks Rec

Eric Clapton’s CrossRoads-GuitarFest
Live Concert CD/DVD Mix/5.1
Tears For Fears “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending” Rec (New Album)
Danny Wright 2 solo-piano albums Rec/Mix
The White Stripes live show broadcast Rec/Mix
Tarkan album Rec

Bernard Lavalliers album Rec/Mix
Chocolate Genius various Film Soundtracks Rec/Mix
Amy Bardot Debut Album Prod/Rec/Mix

The Raveonettes “Chain Gang of Love” /Album Rec
The Duece Project “Stone Cold” Mix
The Past

Sting “Brand New Day” (2 tracks) *3 Rec
“Nothing Like the Sun” *1 Prod/Mix/Rec
“Nada El Como” Prod/Rec
“Fields Of Gold” (Best of ‘84-’94) Prod/Mix/Rec
Dire Straits “Brothers In Arms”*2 Prod/Mix/Rec
“Love Over Gold”*4 Prod/Mix/Rec
“On The Night” Prod/Mix/Rec
“On Every Street” Mix
Mark Knopfler “Local Hero”(soundtrack) Prod/Mix/Rec
“Cal”(soundtrack) Prod/Mix/Rec
Bruce Springsteen “The River” Rec “Tracks 1999” Rec
“Greatest Hits 1995” Rec

Bob Dylan “ Infidels” Rec

Paul McCartney “Flowers In The Dirt” *4 prod/Mix/Rec
Bruce Hornsby “Scenes from the South Side”*1 Prod/Mix/Rec
Laurie Anderson ”Strange Angels”(3 trks) Mix
Bryan Ferry “Boys & Girls” Rec
Richard Thompson“Daring Adventures” Mix
Oasis“(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”/Album 5.1 Mix
Ivo “All In All”/Album Prod/Rec/Mix
Bobby McFerrin “Beyond Words”/Album Rec
Eman “Favorite Enemy”/Album Rec/Mix
Solas “The Edge of Silence”/Album Prod/Rec/Mix
Billy Idol “Whiplash Smile” Rec/Mix
Kiss “Kiss Alive II” Rec
“Love Gun” Rec
Def Leppard “Hysteria” Rec
Bryan Adams “The Christmas Song”(single) Rec
Tina Turner “Break Every Rule” (2trks) Prod/Mix/Rec
Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Rec/Mix

Pat Benatar “Love is a Battlefield”(single) Mix
Lou Reed “Video Violence” (single) Mix
Bob Marley “Chances Are” Mix
Richie Sambora “Stanger in this Town” Prod/Mix/Rec
Marty Stewart “The Pilgrim” (5 tracks) Mix
Willy Porter “Dog Eared Dream” Mix “Falling Forward” Prod/mix/Rec

Paul Brady “Trick or Treat”(4trks) Mix
“True for You” Prod/Mix/Rec
The Blessing “Prince of the Deep Water” Prod/Mix/Rec
Bigmouth “Bigmouth” Prod/Mix/Rec
Climie Fisher “Coming in for the Kill”(2 trks) Prod/Mix/Rec

John Farnham Solo Album (2 trks) Mix
Silencers “A Letter from St. Paul”(5 trks) Mix

Chic various tracks Rec
Jaco Pastorius “Word of Mouth” Rec
Weather Report “Weather Report” Rec
“Volcano” Rec
Crowded House “World Where You Live”(2 trks) Mix
Tim Finn Solo Album (2 track) Mix
Simple Minds Live Album (5trks) Rec
Randy Newman “Land Of Dreams”(5 trks) Mix
David Sanborn Solo Album & Soundtrack (4 trks) Mix
Jim Steinman “Streets of Fire” Rec/Mix
Carly Simon “Hello Big Man” Rec
“Coming Around Again”(single) Rec
Barbara Streisand “Emotion” (2 trks) Rec/Mix
Gary US Bonds “Dedication” Rec
Tom Kimmel “Circle Back Home” Prod/Mix/Rec
Ten Inch Man “Pretty Vultures” Prod/Mix/Rec
Bricklin “Bricklin” Prod/Mix/Rec
Dee Carstensen “Regarding The Soul” Prod/Mix/Rec
William Topley “Mixed Blessing” Prod/Mix/Rec
Superstar “Superstar” Mix
Kate & Anna McGarrigle “Love Over & Over” Rec/Mix
Foghat “Stone Blue” Rec
Till Tuesday “Everything’s Different Now” Mix
They Might Be Giants
“Sensurround”(soundtrack) Prod/Mix/Rec
Steps Ahead “Step by Step” Rec
“Smokin’ in the Pit” Rec
“Live” Rec
Air Supply “Greatest Hits”(2 trks) Mix
Meco “Best of Meco” Rec
Art Farmer “Yama” Rec/Mix
Gato Barbieri Greatest Hits Rec
Jude Cole debut album Rec/Mix
Steve Jones “Mercy” (3 trks) Mix
Ian Hunter “You’re Never Alone”(3trks) Rec
Mike Manieri “Wanderlust” Rec/Mix
Jacky Terrason “What it is” Mix
Roberta Flack single (soundtrack) Rec
Lolita Pop various (3trks) Mix
Footloose Original Soundtrack (2trks) Mix
Divine “Fairy Tales” (single) Rec/Mix
Guilla Thiam debut album Mix
Kyosuke Himuro several albums Rec/Mix
Misato Watanabe several albums Rec/Mix
Nikki Monroe debut release (5 trks) Rec/Mix
Chesney Hawkes upcoming release (2 trks) Mix
Joey McIntyre “Meet Joe Mac”(4 trks) rec/Mix
(New Kids On The Block)
Sara Lee “Make It Beautiful” Mix
(Gang of Four/B52’s/Indigo Girls)

Neil Dorfsman
Phone:(914) 245-3547 / fax:(914) 243-0765


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