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A great range of recording studio equipment and home recording equipment at great prices


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Nicolas has just produced, arranged and remixed the track ‘Alone’ by Nika for his own production company, Gatemanor Ltd. The track is featured on the new Roger Sanchez compilation ‘Release Yourself' ( and will also be released as a single early next year.

Nicolas is currently doing a remix for the new 'Superman Lovers' track featuring Many Hoffman. He is also in the process of signing 5 new acts and has just set up his own club orientated house label, ‘Grape Records’. In addition, Nicolas produced, arranged and remixed a track called ‘You Can’t Talk About Love’ for Fingertapp featuring Hazel Fernandes which is released in December for East-West France.

Other recent projects include the single ‘Deeper and Deeper’ for Soul Attraktion featuring Corina Armel











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