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Niven is currently in the studio working alongside Magnus Fiennes mixing tracks for Bertine Zeitlitz.
He recently recorded and mixed tracks for Beth Gibbon’s solo album and has also mixed albums and singles for BBMak, Zico, Biscuit Boy (aka Paul Heaton) and Snowblind.

Other projects include A-Ha, Bjork, Tom Jones/Portishead, Madonna, Jamiroquai, Jon Bon Jovi, Hanson, INXS, Massive Attack, Gabrielle, Randy Crawford and Rod Stewart.


Artist Record Format / Credit

Beth Gibbons (Portishead) Tracks Singles - Mixed

Biscuit Boy (aka Paul Heaton) Biscuit Boy Album - Mixed

Alex Lloyd Watching Angels Mend Album - Mixed

The Scorpions New album Tracks Tracks - Mixed

Kaada Thank You Album - Mixed

Snowblind Forthcoming Album Album - Mixed

A-Ha Minor Earth, Major Sky Album - Mixed

Tom Jones / Portishead Motherless Child Album Track - Eng

Randy Crawford Current Album Album - Mixed

Lucie Silvas It’s Too Late Single - Rec & Mix

Dot Allison Mo’ Pop Single - Mixed

Dot Allison Afterglow Album - Rec/Mixed

Andrew Dorff Forthcoming Album Rec & Mixed

Ophelie Winter Privacy Album tracks - Mixed

Madonna Power Of Goodbye Remixed

Madonna Drowned World Remixed

Morcheeba Let Me See Single - Mixed

Universal Kill The Pain Single - Mixed

All Saints Never Ever (UK No1) Single - Mixed

All Saints War of Nerves Single - Mixed

Jamiroquai High Times Single - Remixed

Gary Barlow Tracks Mixed

Wes I Love Football Single - Mixed

Eternal Angel Of Mine Remix - Mix

Louise Arms Around The World Single - Rec/Mix

Louise Woman In Me Single - Rec/Mix

Louise Woman In Me 3 Album Tks - Rec/Mix

Jon Bon Jovi Destination Anywhere Album - Rec/Mix

Hanson Middle Of Nowhere Album - Recording

Shakespear`s Sister 3 Tracks Album `97 -Rec/Mix

McAlmont Tracks Rec/Mix

Galliano Thunderhead 7” Mix

Mary Kiani Hard Funky Dream Mix

Shakespear’s Sister New Single Rec/Mix

Howard New Album Rec/Mix

Louise Naked Single - Rec/Mix

Louise In Walked Love Single - Mix

4 Man Du / MN8 Do It For Love Mix

Night Crawlers Lets Push It Mix

Night Crawlers Should I Ever Mix

Ami Stewart Album Mix

Indo / Fugees Love Will Be On Your Side Rec/Mix

Addis Black Widow Innocent Rec/Mix/Produced

Jason & the Argonauts Single Rec/Mix

Wet Wet Wet Single Mix

INXS Live Baby Live Rec/Mix

INXS Welcome To Wherever You Are Rec/Mix

INXS Full Moon Dirty Hearts Rec/Mix

Michelle Gayle Happy just to be with you Mix

Dana Dawson Single Mix

Cindi Finn Single Mix

Ivan Mathias Single Rec/Mix

Zetia Sexual Prime Mix

Ray Charles Please Got That Need Rec/Mix

Massive Attack Tracks Mix

Maya Album Rec/Mix

Souled Out Italian remixes Remixes

Divynals Live album Rec/Mix/Produced





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