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Real Producers

Ed Raso

It’s testament to his extreme talent that Ed has risen so quickly up the ranks in the studio. Ed has engineered and mixed some of the biggest selling artists of the last few years and with his studio ability combined with his musicality, Ed is primed for an equally exciting career in the world of Production. Ed is also an accomplished musician, in particular on Bass and Guitar, including performances on the multi-platinum album by Notorious B.I.G.




2000 Spek In Progress Album The Echo Label

2000 Carl Thomas “Hey Now” Album Track Badboy/Arista

(Taken from “Emotional”)


2000 Lil’ Johnny Tracks Forthcoming Warner Bros.

2000 Tracy Lee Track Forthcoming Universal

1999 Puff Daddy “Reverse” Album Track Badboy/Arista

Feat. Busta Rhymes (Taken from “Forever”)


Engineered and Mixed

2000 Jennifer Lopez “Feelin’ So Good (Re-mixes)” Forthcoming Sony

Feat. Puff Daddy & G-Dep “Feelin’ So Good”

Feat. Fat Joe & Big Pun “Feelin’ So Good”

2000 Lil’ Kim “Notorious K.I.M.” Forthcoming Album Queen Bee/Atlantic

2000 Black Rob “Life Story” Album Badboy/Arista

“Whoa!” Single

Album Feat. – Cee-Lo (Goodie Mob), Puff Daddy, Mark Curry, D-Dep, Ma$e, Lil’ Kim, Joe Hooker, Mario Winans, Da. Bratt and Jennifer Lopez


1999 Ma$e “You Ain’t Smart” Album Track Badboy/Arista

(Taken from “Double Up”)


1999 Notorious B.I.G. “Born Again” Album Tracks Badboy/Arista

Feat. Eminem - “Dead Wrong” Single

Feat. Mark Curry, Snoop & Busta Rhymes - “Dangerous MC’s”

Feat. Lil’ Cease - “Can I Get Witcha”

Feat. Black Rob, Ice Cube & Beanie Sigel - “If I Should Die Before I Wake”




2000 Carl Thomas “Emotional” Album Tracks Badboy/Arista

“Special Lady”

“Woke Up In The Morning”

“100 Ways”

“Foolish Of Me”

“Trouble Won’t Last”

“I Wish”

2000 Total “Crave” Track Priority

(Taken from “3 Strikes” Soundtrack)


2000 Tony Touch Track Forthcoming Tommy Boy

Feat. Total

1999 Lil Cease “Play Around” Single Queen Bee/Atlantic

Feat. Lil’ Kim, Mr. Bristal & Joe Hooker


1999 Notorious B.I.G. “Tonight” Album Track Badboy/Arista

Feat. Mobb Deep & Joe Hooker (Taken from “Born Again”)


1999 Ma$e “Double Up” Album Tracks Badboy/Arista

Feat. Total - “Stay Out Of My Way”

Feat. Funkmaster Flex - “Getting It”

1998 112 “Room 112” Album Tracks Badboy/Arista

“Room 112”

“Be With You”

“Crazy Over You”

1998 Black Rob “I Dare You” Track Immortal/Epic

(Taken from “Slam” Soundtrack)

1998 Total “Kima, Keisha & Pam” Album Tracks Badboy/Arista

“Sitting Home” Single

“Rock Track”

“Masturbation Interlude”

Feat. Ma$e - “If You Want Me”

Feat. Carl Thomas - “Press Rewind”

1998 Jerome “Never Dreamed You’d Leave…” Track Def Jam/PolyGram

(Taken from “Belly” Soundtrack)


1998 Jermaine Dupri “Get Your Sh*t Right” Album Track So So Def/Sony

Feat. DMX & The Madd Rapper (Taken from “Life in 1472”)


1998 Ma$e “Ma$e Presents: Album Tracks So So Def/Sony

Halem World The Movement”

1997 Lil’ Kim “Not Tonight (Lady’s Night)” Single Big Beat/Atlantic

Feat. Missy Elliott, Left Eye & Da Brat( - (Taken from “Nothing To Loose” Sountrack)


1996 Darlahood “Big Fine Thing” Album Reprise

1996 Junior Mafia “Realms Of Junior Mafia” Album Track Atlantic

(Taken from “Conspiracy”)


Pro-Tools Programming

2000 Run DMC Forthcoming Album Arista


Assistant Engineer

1995 Yo La Tengo “Electr-O-Pura” Album Atlantic

1994 Sonic Youth “Experimental Jet Set, Thrash Album Geffen

& No Star”

1994 Cell “Living Room” Album Geffen

1994 Kevin Eubanks “Spirit Talk 2” Album Blue Note

1993 Cell “Slo-Blo” Album Geffen

1993 Jim Hall “Something Special” Album Music Masters






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