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Real Producers


A vibe-master of the highest order and incredibly creative, Machine is fast making a name for himself as one of the hottest new producers around.

Machine got his grounding in rock, playing in bands ever since high school and after having spent years producing and writing music in the NJ and NY underground rap and R&B scenes he is also equally at home with these styles.



2000 Vision Of Disorder In Progress Tracks RSM

2000 Kane “Selling Out For The Sucker” Album (forthcoming) Intonation/Virgin

2000 (Hed) pe “Broke” Album (forthcoming) Jive

1999 Clutch Forthcoming Album Tracks Columbia

1999 (Hed) pe “Sabra Cadabra” Track Jive

1999 Submarine “Welcome To This World” Album (forthcoming) Reprise/Kinetic

1999 The Step Kings “Let’s Get It On!” Album Fantastic Plastic

1999 Shootzy Groove “High Fidelity” Album Reprise/Kinetic

1998 Monk and Canatella “Do Community Service” Album Telstar

1998 Spite “Bastard Complex” Album Prosthetic

1998 Stony Sleep Tracks Tracks Big Cat/V2

1998 Freekspurt Singles Singles Instinctive

1997 EVL “evl” Album Wonderboy

1997 Pitch Shifter “” Album Geffen

1997 One Minute Silence “Available in All Colours” Album Big Cat/V2

1996 The Kings Of Infinite Space “Queenie” Album V2


Additional Production and Mix

1999 Coal Chamber/Ozzy Osborne “Shock The Monkey” Single Roadrunner

1999 Nicola Quilter “One Mile High” Single Big Cat

1997 Stony Sleep “A Slack Romance” Album Big Cat


Additional Production and Re-Mix

1998 (Hed) pe “Darky” Track Jive

1998 Dust Junkys “Remember” Track Polydor

1995 Galliano "Long Time Gone" Single Talkin’ Loud

1995 Galliano "Bloodlines" Single Talkin’ Loud



1999 Flu Thirteen Forthcoming Album Hollywood Records



1996 White Zombie "Super Charger Heaven" Re-mix Geffen

1996 White Zombie “I, Zombie” Re-mix Geffen

1994 J.T. Taylor “Baby I’m Back” Album MCA





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