Rockfield Studios - The Quadrangle

quadrangle studio at rockfield

Two fabulous studios to choose from. The largest is the Quadrangle and it offers recording spaces behind and in front of the control room. The rear main live area which contains a small iso booth is very large and bigger than many studios. The feel is very much live in here. To the front of the control room is the main dead recording area with a good sized booth to the right. If you walk in to the main studio area you can see a large drum booth / live room and to the right of that is yet another large booth. The range of recording spaces here is extrodinary and unrivaled anywhere in the UK. The second studio, the Coach House also offers amazing recording spaces and shares the legendary echo chambers!


rockfield studios - studio one area 1


Pictured above is the Quadrangle control room and rear live area with booth. This room sounds great and is large enough for a band to set up with screens to record live. Below is the control room again but showing the rear window for line of sight viewing of musicians.


quadrangle studio at rockfield


Below is the main dead studio area and the booth to the right can just be seen. At the end of the studio area the live booth can be seen and the additional booth is out of sight at the right end of the live area.


rockfield studios main recording space for studio one


The live area - it's not a booth, it's bigger than many studios - seen below. The additional iso area on the left can be opened up to increase the live area space or closed to create a further isolation area. This area has daylight flooding in with velvet curtains for those who like to work in the dark.

the quadrangle drum room iso area

Rockfield is a fabulous studio and many, many classic records have been created here. Although the studio has a huge reputation it's warm and friendly and if you have a project coming up soon they would love to give you the tour around.


outside at rockfield studios quadrangle main studio area


A brief history of people that have recorded at Rockfield Studios



The Interns, Love Sculpture, Amen Corner,
Doc Thomas Band (Mott the Hoople)



Queen, Rush, Dave Edmunds, Ace, Black Sabbath,
Prelude, Mike Oldfield, Hawkwind, Edwin Starr,
Man, Del Shannon, Gary Shearston, Arthur Brown,
City Boy, Roy Harper, Van der Graaf Generator,
Motorhead, Carlene Carter



Simple Minds, Adam and the Ants, The Damned,
Clannad, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Undertones,
The Waterboys, Robert Plant, Icicle Works, Bauhaus,
T’Pau, Age of Chance, Edie Brickel & the New Bohemians,
That Petrol Emotion, Fields of the Nephilim, The Wonderstuff



Aztec Camera, The Stone Roses, The Pogues
Hot House Flowers, Del Amitri, Big Country, XTC,
Neds Atomic Dustbin, Annie Lennox, The Charlatans,
Sepultura, Herbert Gronemeyer, Oasis, Ash, Black Grape,
The Boo Radleys, The Wedding Present, 60’ Dolls, Cast,
Super Furry Animals, Paul Weller, Menswear, Julian Lennon,
The Bluetones, Manic Street Preachers, Gene, Beta Band,
Teenage Fanclub, Toploader, Gaydad, Coldplay



New Order, Catatonia, Suede, Star Sailor,
Supergrass, Coldplay, Manic street preachers, Joe Strummer,
The Darkness, Morning Runner, Kasabian, Badly Drawn Boy, KT Tunstall


in the studio courtyard


For the full information about Rockfiels that includes studio plans and much deeper information visit the Rockfield Studios website.







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