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We can produce your video for webcasting

It's free!We have invested in some of the best cameras available to ensure that all new video interviews and tours look great.  We will be re-shooting some of our older videos to bring you the maximum quality available.  Get in touch to ask us to come and record a tour around your studio or offer us a location to shoot our producer and engineer interviews.

We have invested in lot's of new gear including some top flight 3 chip broadcast quality cameras to ensure that the interview or tour you give will look great! 

We want to feature many more studios, producers, engineers etc, but we need you to mail us.

You don't need to be a mega star or studio to be included, so long as you are involved in record production in some way, we would like to hear from you, so get in touch now!  

Or you can make your own video to send in!

If you would like to record your own video for webcasting on our site you need to send us a miniDV format tape. When you have shot your video, send us the raw footage so we can edit it then encode it for webcasting from our servers.  E-mail us for postal address.

We can receive DV video in PAL or NTSC formats!

We need your spare gear

Have you got some unused mics, small mixer etc?  We urgently need spare kit!

Please support this free site by handing over any unused or redundant equipment


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