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Toby is a rarity. A young engineer who has been through the comprehensive training and varied disciplines of working in a major Film and TV music studio, who in addition has recorded many well-known names in contemporary music including Jimmy Page, Embrace and Paul Carrick. As the senior engineer at CTS studios Toby recorded and mixed for 5.1 some of the most prestigious film soundtracks of the last four years including Beautiful Joe, Godzilla and Complicity.


In 1999/2000 Toby has worked on a wide spectrum of projects including a project with the producer Youth, a recording session for Puff Daddy and Whistle Down the Wind for producer Nigel Wright as well as upcoming artists Connor Reeves and Atomic Kitten. Awarded an associate Emmy award at the age of 22 for his work on "The Hollywood Sound" a co-production with various global broadcasters Toby is a talented and versatile engineer who can only go from strength to strength.



(R = Record, M = mix, Film soundtrack= FS)

Rick Wakeman
Live Concert for DVD (M)
The DVD Company
Paul Carrick
First time Ever I Saw Your Face
(FS for Beautiful Joe)
Jimmy Page
Come With Me (Single R)
Puff Daddy
Echo and the Bunnymen

Nothing Ever Happens (Album R)

What are you going to do with your life ( Album R)

I'm in Love with the World (R)
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Whistle Down the Wind(R)
Nigel Wright/Scratch Music
Atomic Kitten
Right Now(R)
Innocent Records
Film Soundtrack(R)
Mark Stent
Don't Cry for Me Argentina
The Good will Out(R)
Danny Brilliant
Epic France
Other film soundtracks
Judge Dredd (R), The Phantom(R), Richard III (R) Tom and Viv(R), Ratcatcher (R) Guesthouse Paradiso (R), Inspector Morse (R)
Composers include
Colin Towns,John Altman,Rachel Portman,Will Malone Orlando Gough, Neil McArthur







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