Tommy T

Tommy's career in the music industry started with his involvement in his brother's band at the age of 12. His participation, at first, was with both the writing of songs, playing keyboards, synthesizers and drum machines.  This then led to Tommy's initial steps in developing his own innovative and individual production skills, which he used in the bands first studio demo.

Due to financial gain Tommy was able to set up his own recording studio and production house - Powerline Studios (formally known as The Garden Recording Complex).

This was all achieved by the time Tommy was 18 and enabled many of the bands that passed through his door to gain major record deals again as a result of dedication to his role as a producer.

Gaining a favourable reputation, Tommy was headhunted by Liverpool's legendary Amazon Recording Studios as an in-house engineer and producer.  


From Amazon and his own studio he spawned his own musical avenue - The Safehouse - who were signed by Amazon owner Jeremy Lewis. The Safehouse were a dance and re-mix duo in the mid nineties.

From Safehouse, Tommy went on to form collaborations with many artists such as The Christians, 2Funky2 (now known as The Porn Kings) and Mind, Body and Soul. As well as this, Tommy also involved himself with playing for, programming and remixing artists from record labels such as EMI, MCA and London Records among others.

Tommy's varied career has now led to him introducing his own breakbeat/Drum and Bass production stable - labelled MJ12, which is producing artists and projects for release in 2001 and beyond.

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