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Air Studios - 1 Control Room

Air Studios, founded by Sir George Martin moved from their original Oxford Street location to the new Hampstead complex at the beginning of the '90's.

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Lot's more Air Studios Videos:


Tim Vinelot    More Tim Vinelot    Studio One

Even more Tim Vinelot    Sir George Martin   The Great Hall

Paul Crowther - Studio Tech    air-studio-one-1.JPG (40202 bytes)    air-studio-one-2.JPG (43854 bytes)


Regarded as one of the very top studios in the World, Air goes from strength to strength.  The facility is rapidly becoming one of the studios of choice for leading film scorers and the range of clients that use the studios read like a who's who.  Click here to visit Air Studios web site.

Buy the classic book, 
All You Need Is Ears 
by George Martin, 
Jeremy Hornsby



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