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Some of our favourite microphones for studio recording

Although there are some great cheap microphones out there there is still no doubt that you get what you pay for and we have started to build up a virtual collection of the best mics which we will keep adding to with your input!


In our view, no studio is complete without these microphones


Sure SM57 - No studio is complete without these excellent and versatile dynamic mics.

AKG 414 - A great condenser mic that's not that expensive.

Beyer 201 - Another fantastic multi purpose dynamic microphone.

Sennheiser MD 421 - Not quite as versatile as the SM57/201 but my favourite tom mic.

Neumann U87 - The most useful condenser microphone and found in virtualy every pro studio.

AKG 451 - A superb condenser mic ideal for Hi Hats and a multitude of other uses.

Neumann U47 FET - A brilliant mic.

Electrovoice RE20 - Our preferred kick drum mic.

Sennheiser MKH40 - A very useful consenser mic that is more useful than you'd think.


Some more exotic mics:


Soundfield - Just an amazing microphone offering stereo and multi channel outputs! We love it.

B&K 4011 - Breathtaking omni mic, the most life like mic - in our view!

Coles 4038 - A superbly smooth and warm ribbon microphone.

Neumann U67 - Valve condenser microphone that offer superb vintage performance!

Why not let us know your favourite mics?


How to use these mics? Hmm, a whole website could be dedicated to that subject alone so we would suggest watching our producer and engineer video features that cover this. A good one with lots of tips is here.


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