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  • Published 2006
Top record producers talk on camera


From Gary Katz to Rick Nowells, we feature stacks of seriously top record producers talking on camera. Select from the many streaming videos to watch in your browser now! Get behind the scenes!  Watch top record producers and recording engineers talking about the way that they work in the recording studio and how to get the most from an artist while recording in the studio

Video tours around recording studios


From Abbey Road to Ocean Way, get in to the recording studios that have made music business history - and visit the music studios that are making history now. 50 streaming studio tours now here.  Walk around the best UK British, American and European recording studios in our unique music studio video tours

RecordProduction.com awarded

This site has been awarded 'most popular' music recording site by Yahoo!

Record producer and engineer resources
From equipment reviews to streaming video tours around lots of great recording studios, you can quickly locate the most suitable studio for your next recording project. A music studio is much more that equipment, it's people and atmosphere that matters most. Our video tours help you in a way that no other studio website can match.  You can also be featured for free on this site to help others find you! 

Artists recording industry resources
If you're about to make your next record and need to know more about the record producers and recording studios that are of interest, you're in luck!  Watch our producer interviews or studio tours that will help you figure out what's best for you!

Are you looking to get in to the business?
If you've set your sights on getting a job in a recording studio or want to become a record producer we have what you need. Our video's made in conjunction with the APRS and MPG cover everything from mixing in 5.1 to career paths in the music industry. Dig in to this site to learn much more.

In the news

Find out about what's going on in our news pages.  New this month: Metropolis add Pro Tools to every room, Phoenix rises in Wembley, new engineer joins Sphere, FX supplies equipment for hit film.... 

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