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  • Published 2017

- Alan Parsons recording drums with Pink Floyd's Nick Mason

- Two pairs of mics compared for simple but effective drum recording

- Recording Drums with classic mics and then cheap mics, compare the sounds

- Rock Drum Recording video with Mike Exeter & Clint Murphy

- In-Depth drum setup with samples with a rock band at Woodworm Studios

- Crazy single mic Drum Recording with added metal (sheets)

- Drum Microphone choices and placement with Andrew Scheps

- Drum Recording basic microphone placement with George Shilling

- Legendary Ken Scott records a complete drum sample library

- Mike Fraser's drum recording tips

- Floor Mic technique for Recording Drums with audio samples

- Dave Eringa shows his Drum Mic Setup at Rockfield Studios

- Dan Logan talks drum recording with Russ Cottier

- Fake Slam Drum technique with Clint Murphy

- Austen Kilburn and Mike Exeter Floor Mic techniques

- James Towler - Recording drums in a live situation

- George Shillings Drum Recording Masterclass

- Sean Genockey's Drum Recording Masterclass

- Chris Sheldon drum and guitar recording techniques

- Matt Marrin talks about drum recording

- Clint Murphy shows an unusual drum recording technique

- Angus at Far Heath Studios modification to Clint Murphy's technique

- Beefing up the Kick Drum with samples

- Steve Orchard talks about recording drums and interesting mic techniques

- Craig Silvey talks about minimal microphone placement to get a big sound

- Cameron Craig talks about additional tricks in getting a great drum sound

- Andrew Lowe demonstrates room mic (on floor) with plexiglass

Even more drum recording techniques are in the main production area

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