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  • Published 2000

10th November 2000

We are have been investigating new forms of video delivery and have finally reached an agreement with a leading streaming video technology company. As the ink is not yet dry we will bring news soon, needless to say, this is a huge advance on our current Quick Time 4.0 video service and the speed and quality is simply stunning....

Not only will we be bringing improved video, we will be widening the sites range with a number of unique services - we'll keep mum until we are ready to launch the service as we don't want all of our ideas pinched!

So, there's lots of 'stuff' coming and we haven't said that much for security reasons. We want you to know that the site is moving forward and that every time you pop back there will be more to see and more information. By Feb 2001 this site will be miles better!

Over the last two months we have added a range of studio tours around LA studios, have been to Amsterdam to record studio tours and have interviewed many more producers and engineers. We are scheduling many more interviews and tours and we'd love to hear from you if you'd be interested in being featured!

If you can't wait for us to visit you, get that camcorder out and do your own. We have put together a brief 'how to' guide which you can view by clicking here.

Finally, the site's hit rate increases week on week with about 20% growth which is continuing to ensure that if you get involved you'll be seen by a growing number of leading industry people, so what are you waiting for?

Mike Banks

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