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  • Published 2001

21st Jan 2001

It won't be long before the new streaming servers are up and running.  ISDN lines are going in to several locations so that we can bring real time live action from studios. This will be joined by chat rooms and other great 'stuff' in the coming few months.  

We hope that you find our 'new look' site more easy to navigate and get what you need fast. Don't be shy, tell us if you think we could be doing it better!

If you can't wait for us to visit you, get that camcorder out and do your own.  We have put together a brief 'how to' guide which you can view by clicking here.

Finally, the site's hit rate increases week on week with about 10% growth (about 35,000+ hits a week) which is continuing to ensure that if you get involved you'll be seen by a growing number of leading industry people, so what are you waiting for?  

If you don't ask, you don't get, and it's free, so don't blame us if you're not included!!!

Mike Banks

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