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  • Published 2007

Music technology and production

Now more than ever, universities and colleges that cater for people wanting a career in the music industry, broadcast and other related fields, are offering a massive range of courses. Increasingly the level of equipment, training and facilities are better that ever with the added benefit of many staff having previously had a career in the industry.

We have seen a trend. Many producers, engineers, front of house mixers etc are finding jobs in universities and colleges as either full time lecturers or part time guest speakers. This is having a very positive effect as students can learn from people who have worked their way up and have huge experience. We strongly suggest that you look for courses staffed by people who have worked in the industry in some way.

uk coventry university features ssl aws 900 console

Coventry University, UK, like many other education establishments take recording industry training seriously

We will be featuring a range of courses and other useful pages but to start this area off visit our Deep page, they cater for students who want to learn the practical side of things more than a degree.

Visit the record producers pages to choose the interviews that interest you and remember, it was just as hard for them as it's going to be for you but they show that it can be done.

Major career links - please let us know of any good links that you find!


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One thing that crops up on our recording studio jobs forums are the qualifications needed.  Well, getting a degree is a fine thing but stop and think before you commit yourself to a recording or production degree.  Ask yourself, 'can I use this degree if I decide the business is not for me'?  Also, is having a recording degree going to offer any advantage?  Maybe, you could look at other degree's, possibly music, possibly a science.  We have met so many producers with physics degrees it surprising!

Do you need a degree at all?  Many of us studdied at the school of hard knocks.  Having a determined and single minded focus on getting to their goal motivated them so much that they made it.  This is one of the most important things really, degrees are great but no matter how many qualifications that you have, unless you have the attitude and personality that fits you won't get far.

coventry university music technology and production degree courses

Coventry like many leading universities now run excellent music technology and production degrees

OK, so say you get a job in a studio, what can you expect and how can you move forward?  We will cover that in the next articles but in a nutshell, you will be working for peanuts doing all the jobs you hate and unless you are driven you'll lose interest.  Do yourself a favour, think hard before you start out on this career as so many people start with massive enthusiasm and then it wears off, the novelty is gone and after a while get out of the business.  Do be absolutely sure you want to put the effort in.

Market yourself.  Today, being good isn't enough.  You will need to make sure that once in a studio and you are impressing people with your flair and results that you keep an eye on self promotion.  Even before getting that far think about how to present yourself.  Sending a reply to a forum post offering a job with 'hi, I want a job, email me' will be an immediate turn off.  Find out where the job is, if it's within range send a letter.  Maybe send it in a 5 foot envelope painted with pink spots - just get yourself noticed and show creativity.  We will go in to this further on later pages.

Good luck with your quest.  Be sure it really is what you want as the journey is long, tough and in so many cases, unrewarding.  However, if you put the work in, keep focused and take advantage of the bits of good luck that come your way, you could be the next George Martin, Nile Rodgers, Gary Katz, Phil Ramone etc etc.

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