Mic Set-up for Live Streaming Studio Session

We look at the Microphone Setup for an online Studio Live Streaming Session (Recording Studio Gig - Dec 2020)

Top recording engineer Mike Thorne shows his recording studio microphone setup for an online studio live streaming broadcast with Louis Philippe and the Night Mail, there's a Video link below.

Online studio live streams are a new and growing 'thing' from studios, this is about the 5th that Mike has done at Rimshot Studios. 'Spill' is one of the issues with a live band playing together in the studio but Mike uses this to great effect and in this walkthrough you can see the ways he sets the microphones up, polar patterns etc. All of the audio on this is either 'on-camera' or hand held recorder. To hear and see the actual session, you can visit the link at the foot of the page.  Please let us know if this was useful at all. We had hoped to also look at the camera placements as this is also part of the setup so we will re-visit that aspect on an upcoming event. On the day, there was too much going on and we didn't want to get in the way of the musicians getting ready for the event!  

Mic Set-up for Live Streaming Studio Session

Rimshot Studios opened back in 2012 and designed to be a purpose-built boutique recording studio with a vast array of vintage and recent recording equipment.  Based in the leafy Kent countryside, about an hour from inner London, accommodation is available locally, hotels, B&Bs and self-catering houses etc. The studio features a large and superb sounding live room with enough space to fit up to 25 musicians, with isolation booth and lobby area that can also be used for isolation.

The studio has a wide range of instruments available to use including a fully restored 1890's Bechstein grand piano - this can be heard on some of our other recording techniques videos. Other instruments include Booker T's Hammond C3, Hammond M102, various vintage drums and a good range of back-line from Ampeg, Fender and Peavy. Star of the control room is their Decca console, all-valve recording console built in the 1960s and restored in 2008. Complementing the Decca is a SSL AWS 900+ mixing desk. Analogue recording to their Studer tape machines and Pro Tools HDX with Burl converters.

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