Music Producers Guild & Music Tank event Nov 2006

The Music Producers Guild (UK) promotes and represents all individuals in the music production and recording professions. It is a professional organisation that embodies collective and individual creative contributions to the production and recording of all genres of music and media related activities.

In November 2006 the MPG and Music Tank put on a superb event titled Production Magic.  The event hosted at London's Magic Circle featured a weighty collection of leading record producers, managers, journalists and other interested people looking for new ways to move forward in this fast changing business.

music producers guild event

We hope to bring a short video spot covering some of the panels but in the meantime, here are a number of pictures taken during the event. Some of the people seen at the event included: Nile Rodgers, Phil Ramone, Hugh Padgham, Charlie Rapino, Stephen Budd, Dennis Muirhead, Guy Chambers and Mike Hedges.

record producer nile rodgers at a recent mpg event record producers phil ramone and hugh padgham at a recent mpg music tank event music producer guild event steve williams record producer nile rodgers record producer mpg event producer john leckie dan daley and mick glossop dave robinson and mike howlett record producer mpg event

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Who is the MPG for and who can join?

The organisation is for anyone who is involved in the production of music and sound in all its forms.

Join the MPG and.....

  - Add your voice to the industry body which represents your profession.
  - Meet other people in your field.
  - Learn from the experience of the top music production professionals.
  - Swap ideas with new contacts.
  - Benefit from regular meetings, information forums and seminars.
  - Come along to equipment demonstrations and studio visits.
  - Get access to legal and financial advice.
  - Get discounts on equipment hire, purchase, and discounts on relevant industry services.
  - Join MPG members only web forum to exchange ideas and knowledge.

Visit the MPG website for all of the information.

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