Music & Recording Degrees From a top Music Business School and Music College?

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  • Published 2007

If you have decided to go for a career in the music recording industry, be it in a recording studio or any other musical related business, you can choose from a very wide range of college degree courses. Some colleges offer vocational training and others are more academic requiring music qualifications to gain access.

Getting a recording or music degree can be very usefull as there are so few jobs in the music business you can always use your degree for an alternative career if things don't work out. Just remember that many very famous industry people didn't go to college so getting a degree isn't the only route to success.

recording and music college in aberdeen uk

Aberdeen College, UK, with SSL AWS 900 mixing console

We have listed a few leading and well respected colleges and university courses here, please let us know of any that you would like to see added to the list. A quick google can throw up hundreds of courses so this list is just a quick start:


Aberdeen College - pictured above

ACM - Guildford


Coventry University - pictured below

Cumbernauld College


De Montford University

Edinburgh University

Forth College

Future Works
Glamorgan University

Guildford University

Islington Music Workshop
Jewel and Esk

Newport University
Salford University

Stafford University
University of Hertfordshire

Wolverhampton University


Berklee College
Full Sail

The above colleges and universities vary greatly, some offer on the job training and others offer high end degrees. Some are equipped with the latest SSL's, others have more basic equipment. We think that all have their place.

Don't forget, to be a producer or an engineer has always been a vocation - not a job. It will not pay that well unless you are really lucky and if you stick to your guns and spend years establishing yourself, learning and networking. Actually, even getting your first step on to the ladder means that you've been very lucky as there are so few jobs around. At least if you have a music qualification your skills should be transferable.

If you are really dedicated and understand that your going to have to put in many years of hard, un-glamorous work, and if you really are vitally interested in this industry you will need to have a single minded determination to succeed. Here is a list of the kind of recording jobs available.

uk coventry university features ssl aws 900 console

Coventry University, UK, like many other education establishments take recording industry training seriously

The site here is not really dedicated to getting people their first jobs or putting forward the complete range of music degrees, you can learn a lot from watching the video interviews with producers and engineers. Many of the videos cover how they got their jobs, what got them started and how they progressed. Get a great amount of background on studios that you may want to visit by watching our tours, a studio manager that talks with you will be impressed if you have put in effort to know about them!

The following links may offer some help in your quest to be the next Gary Katz or Spike Stent, just remember that it's up to you to get off your @£$% - that's what they did!

Getting a job in a recording studio

The jobs available in a recording studio

What does a record producer do?

aberdeen music college recording

Aberdeen College, UK

Major career links - please let us know of any good links that you find!


In a move to supply increased support to their course Accreditation Scheme and associated services, the APRS (Association of Professional Recording Services) and MPG (Music Producers Guild) have recently launched a new enterprise: JAMES, Joint Audio Media Education Services. JAMES is endorsed by the patronage of Sir George Martin.
Established ten years ago, the APRS|MPG course Accreditation process has historically assessed universities’ and colleges’ teaching content and technique to ensure that it is appropriate to the needs of the recording industry, whilst confirming a standard to the prospective student.

The first initiative under JAMES is to offer a series of seminar panels hosted by industry professionals. These will be available to all educational bodies throughout the UK and Europe and will illustrate engineering and production techniques used on specific recordings to handle aspects in analogue and digital recording and mixing. A consultancy and advisory service will also be developed promoting JAMES as the first point of contact for all bodies requiring information and advice on recording industry training and education.

JAMES will also undertake representation of the music production and recording industry‘s training and education interests to government agencies and wider sectors such as the Sector Skills Councils and awarding bodies.

Simon van Zwanenberg, JAMES’ chairman comments, “It made a lot of sense to create this new administration. By consolidating APRS and MPG resources, we can draw on a huge range of industry talent and knowledge to pass on to students. It also allows us to talk to educational and governmental bodies with a stronger, single voice.”

JAMES is a partnership between the Association of Professional Recording Services and the Music Producers Guild.

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