Newsletter April 2010

Welcome to April's 2010 Newsletter

RP's site news

We've been really busy filming some great new producer videos and many of these are now here or will be uploaded over the next few weeks. See the feature 'stuff' for the details.

The headline news this month is that we had over 4.5 million hits last month and used up so much bandwidth we reached 99.9% of capacity. We have added an extra server to keep pace with the demand!

Special thanks to everyone that came to the Sean Genockey masterclass. After paying people to staff it and the studio time etc we were left with about five pounds which has gone in to the hard drive fund - we never have enough hard drives! The good news is that we will have a little of that footage up next month. Further masterclasses are in the planning stages.

Plans are now afoot for a long overdue trip to Nashville but if we can raise more funds we'd like to get over to LA, San Francisco and New York. If you're over there and would like us to come and feature you, or know someone who we should be featuring let us know! It's all free, but any donations, offers of accommodation, tickets or sponsorships are really welcome!

We have just heard that our forums / networking provider, Ning, will be introducing some new hefty charges. We are therefore working on bringing the forums, reviews, the blog and the site in to one amazing, err, 'thing'. This will take time but hopefully we will find a great way to enable you to add your own feature pages and have people better able to contact and colaborate with you. As the site is created in spare time it may take a while so any gifted designers out there are invited to help!

A few producers have mentioned that they've had quite a bit of work by being featured. If you have any stories about how we have helped you please let us know.

Thanks for visiting the site, please add a link on your own pages and tell your friends!

New Producer Interviews and Studio Features

producer guy massey at rak recording studios london


Guy Massey

Guy Massey talks at RAK Studios about recording the Coral with John Leckie and creating new stereo mixes of the Beatles

mike crossey music producer at motor museum studios liverpool  

Mike Crossey

Mike Crossey talks about his latest production work and life running the very nice Motor Museum Studios in Liverpool

Ann Mincieli, recording engineer at Germano Studios, New York record producer and recording engineer james towler at stevie winwoods recording studio recording engineer and music producer russell cottier talking on camera with fran ashcroft york street studios new zealand  
Ann Mincieli talks about recording techniques at Germano Studios, NY James Towler takes 5 minutes out of a Stevie Winwood session to show us the studio Russell Cottier & Fran Ashcroft talk about recording bands live in the studio York Street Studios, New Zealand, video tour by top engineer Clint Murphy  

More producers, find them faster

We now have a drop down scrolling menu with every producer and engineer included so finding who you're interested in is now super fast. You'll find this on the main producers pages.

Get updates as they happen

Sometimes it looks like not much is going on and keeping up to date with new features is now much easier now that you can you follow updates on Twitter. New updates will be posted as they go live.

Coming to AMERICA soon

We are planning a trip over to Nashville and hopefully loads of other areas too. If you're out there and would like to be featured please contact us via our forums. We welcome people sending their own videos in so save time and get creative!


Please tell your friends

We are always bumping in to people that haven't seen the site before so please tell your friends and add a link to us on your blogs, mySpace, Facebook etc! Thanks!

If you have been featured and would like to support us why not buy prints or high resolution downloads? Visit our galleries.

We are trying to raise funds for new cameras and funds to travel to more studios, producers and musicians. If you'd like to be a sponsor please contact us!

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