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drum recording seminar at modern world studiosFollowing huge demand, this Friday, 8th January, we are launching our recording and mixing techniques workshops. Every month we will be filming a group of leading producers and engineers discussing and demonstrating practical techniques in the studio with questions from our viewers around the World. This month we are at Modern World Studios in the UK and are starting at the beginning with an advanced drum recording session. Each month we will cover every type of recording and mixing with tips and tricks from some of the most respected and creative people in the industry. The video will be available shortly after the event.

This month's engineer panel will include:

James Towler: MPG winner and 2 x Grammy nominated engineer and producer
George Shilling: Engineer, producer, musician, writer
Greg Haver: Producer, engineer, musician
Sean Genockey: Producer Engineer
Simon Turner: Lecturer and composer University of Gloucestershire

Come join us and share your techniques or ask the panel questions. Contact Nick Cowan at the studio to get your invitation. Places are limited so hurry!

If you can't be there send your drum recording questions. Can't get the kick sound you want? Too much splash from the top kit? Whatever your questions, we will try to find a solution! Send us your questions in the comments box on the Blog!

The video of the event will be on the Blog.


Music producer John Leckie in the recording studio - video interviewJohn Leckie is one of those super talented record producers that makes us, lesser talented people, utterly jealous! His work is breathtaking. John has produced so many great records that we can't squeeze all of the credits in to a page but some highlights include: Stone Roses, Radiohead, BeBop Deluxe, Cast, Doves, The Fall, The Human League, Muse, New Order, Simple Minds, Verve, XTC and a zillion more...
Watch the exclusive video here!

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