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We have been very slow to update the site recently as RP's house was broken in to and all of our cameras, lenses, computers etc were stolen. It's taken years to gradually get all of this equipment so the loss has been devestating. Even though we had insurance it's taken over 8 weeks to get anything and we're *still* waiting so if you're frustrated at the slow updates you can be very sure that we are too.

On the positive side a number of people have been a great help and bought photo sets we've taken on our SmugMug galleries so to those that have helped, thank you! If you'd like to help by buying your own photos or placing ad's on the site please get in touch.

Meanwhile, Google has changed it's algorithm which has had an impact on many sites, ours included. This has made finding our content that much harder so if you have a website or blog please add a link to, every link helps and let us know you've done it so we can promote you back! It really does help!

Help a deserving band

A friend of ours is involved with a great young band - Contraband - and they're in the finals of the Live and Unsigned competition at the London O2 areana tonight, 14th July. They've beaten 40,000 acts to get this far and if you would like to check them out and if you'd like to help them win: Text vote Please Text unsigned8 to 84222

It will cost £ 1 per text, lines are open NOW and close this evening. Please note - we get nothing for this! More info at

Latest features

Disasters aside, we have recorded some new features and are editing others. One of the best features we've shot in some time (on an iPhone) was at Far Heath Studios with engineer Angus Wallace experimenting with some interesting Drum Recording Techniques. If you've not seen it yet please do!

In edit we are close to finishing the George Shilling special feature and a feature with Jimmy Hogarth. Johnny Jaskot has just about finished editing a new Scott Mathews interview and Russell Cottier has just finished editing a feature at Parr Street Studios. We have a ton of features planned but until we get any new gear it's going to be slow for a month so please remember we have nearly 300 record producer interviews to watch and maybe you'd like to have us add your name to the 'to do' list!

Drum Recording Techniques - Producer and engineer Angus Wallace experiments with some interesting drum recording methods at Far Heath Studios. Click to view!

The Full English Podcast - Our 'every so often' podcast with Phil English. This is focused on Mastering with a trip to Fluid Mastering and then takes a look at some trendy new studio monitors. Click here to listen to the Podcast!

George Apsion at Kore Studios - George Shilling interviews recording engineer George Apsion and talks about the new room at Kore Studios. Click to watch the feature.

Rimshot Studios - A very short introducton to a superb new classic recording studio complete with tube Decca desk, vintage mics, tube mastering and more. Click to view.

Click here to visit the full list of producers featured.

Be featured

Would you like to be featured? It's free! Just ask us to visit and if you're too far away get a friend to record a video to send us - or send us the bus fare!

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