Newsletter September 2009 updates

We managed to break dreamweaver this month so the updates have been a little slow. No fear, after installing Snow Leopard it's all fixed and there are loads of new features about to go live in the next week so visit often or follow updates on Twitter.

September's star feature: CHRIS LORD ALGE

Get comfortable with a cold beer or cup of tea and watch the epic Chris Lord Alge feature that runs for 40 fun packed minutes. Click here to watch.

Have you been watching the Trevor Horn feature?

A staggering 19,000 views of Trevor Horn's video interview in just over a week. We are trying to figure out why the video is quite so popular a year later.

Coming Soon

Dave Eringa's video plus several other features will be uploaded over the next two weeks, follow us on Twitter to get the latest.

Trevor Horn
record producer trevor horn in a new broadband video

Sean Genockey
top record producer sean genockey at rockfield studios

Mike Hedges
Record producer Mike Hedges at Miloco Studios

Laurie Latham
laurie latham - record producer feature at helicon mountain studios uk

Stephen Street
record producer Stephen Street at his home recording studio

Brad Gilderman
Brad Gilderman - record producer and recording engineer - one of the hottest producers in the business

Bernard Butler
bernard butler suede guitarist and record producer

Dan Hawkins
Dan Hawkins from the Darkness at Leeders Farm Studios

Chris Lord Alge
chris lord alge

More producers, find them faster

We now have a drop down scrolling menu with every producer and engineer included so finding who you're interested in is now super fast. You'll find this on the main producers pages.

Get updates as they happen

Sometimes it looks like not much is going on and keeping up to date with new features is now much easier now that you can you follow updates on Twitter.
New updates will be posted as they go live.

Coming to L.A. soon (ish)

We are planning a trip over to L.A. in the Winter and may also be visiting Nashville. If you're out there and would like to be featured please contact us via our forums. We welcome people sending their own videos in so save time and get creative!

Please tell your friends

We are always bumping in to people that haven't seen the site before so please tell your friends and add a link to us on your blogs, mySpace, Facebook etc! Thanks!

If you have been featured and would like to support us why not buy prints or high resolution downloads? Visit our galleries.

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