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  • Published 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that most producers had to work from home. Having been on several Zoom calls with producers it was very interesting to see their home recording setups. These were not designed to be big studios but spaces where post work and mixing could be done with some overdubs etc. It was striking to see how productive some of these setups had become so we asked a bunch of people to record their own short 2 minute studio tours and here is a selection.

John Cornfield's home studio

John Cornfield is a super talented engineer / producer, known for his work with New Model Army, Supergrass, Catatonia, Razorlight, Muse, Wet Wet Wet, Robert Plant, Stone roses, Ride, and has considerable chart success. Here you can take a peek in to his home studio - video recorded on COVID-19 lockdown by John on his phone so PLEASE, no irate comments about us not being up to the standards of Produce Like a Pro :-) Please visit John's website for more info:


Owen Davies' home studio setup

Owen Davies is a recording engineer, music producer and mixer who specialises in genres of music that require a modern approach to production. He works with a wide range of up and coming artists covering rock, metal, pop and hip-hop. Owen runs Loud Noises Production based in Staffordshire, West Midlands and when he’s not in the studio he shares his knowledge and experience delivering courses in audio production as a lecturer.


Russ Cottier's home studio setup ( is it real or is it a spoof? )

Cutting edge record producer Russell T Cottier shows us around his state of the ark studio. As a leading producer having a home recording studio that is ideal to work in this period of self-isolation we hope this cheers you up! COVID-19 has forced most of us to stay at home but as this upbeat video shows, it doesn't have to be dull. It is possible to work with others from around the World. Please check out Russ Cottier's channel here:

Alan Sallabank's home studio and post production setup

Third in our series prying in to the amazing home studio setups many producers have been working in during 'lockdown' features Alan Sallabank. Alan is a three decade veteran of post production, having been inspired at an early age by listening to Pink Floyd and Hitch Hikers Guide. He now runs 8dB Sound limited, based near Bristol, which was designed from scratch seven years ago, to be able to specialise in Immersive audio, by remote.

Visit his site here: IMDb:

Mike Exeter's home studio setup

Covid-19 has grounded most of us and has forced producers, engineers and musicians to work in isolation at home. In reality, many already do much of their work at home so we wanted to run a short series covering this. This is our first look at a home studio setup with Grammy winning producer / engineer Mike Exeter.

Dan Armstrong's personal studio

We wanted to run a short series covering home studio setups people are based in during this period of enforced isolation due to COVID-19. This is our second look at a home studio setup recorded by Dan Armstrong at his very nice home recording studio - Dan is a producer / engineer / musician and we will add a link to his music shortly. Big thanks Dan for recording this insight!

Check out Dan's music:

Even more producers home studio setups.

Lockdown continues. Every producer and musician is going stir-crazy so we bring you three different home / isolation setup's to hopefully inspire and cheer you up. Featuring Tim Walker, Russ Cottier and John Delf - It's tough trying to be motivated when you're unable to get out and work with others in this creative industry so please remember that we now have the internet and we can work with others all around the World.

A very big thank you to all of the producers that took the time out to show us around their home studio setups and even when the COVID-19 thing has passed and this has all become very out of date, this will hopefully be a brilliant snapshot of how home studios were 'back in 2020' :-)

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