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  • Published 2008

A massive resource for established and new recording engineers who want to experiment and push the boundries... This selection is just a small fraction of what's available.


New drum recording area is here. It will be constantly added to with new and inspiring creative recording techniques helping you in your quest for the most epic drum sound ever, kind of...

- Recording drums with minimal mics and also cheap mics with Clint & Mike

- Drum Sample techniques for big drums with Danton Supple

- Rock Drum Recording Masterclass with Mike Exeter & Clint Murphy

- Alan Parsons shows how he sets up to record drums

- Single Mic Drum Recording methods with added metal (sheets)

- Microphone choices and placement with Andrew Scheps

- Drum recording microphone placement with George Shilling

- Legendary Ken Scott records a complete drum sample library - See the master work!

- Mike Fraser's drum recording tips

- Clint Murphy shows his Floor Mic technique with some great audio samples

- Dan Logan talks drum recording with Russ Cottier

- Austen Kilburn and Mike Exeter Floor Mic techniques

- James Towler - Recording drums in a live situation - 5 minute Masterclass

- George Shillings Drum Recording Masterclass

- Sean Genockey's Drum Recording Masterclass

- Chris Sheldon drum and guitar recording techniques

- Matt Marrin talks about drum recording

- Clint Murphy shows an unusual drum recording technique

- Angus at Far Heath Studios modification to Clint Murphy's technique

- Steve Orchard talks about recording drums and interesting mic techniques

- Craig Silvey talks about minimal microphone placement to get a big sound

- Cameron Craig talks about additional tricks in getting a great drum sound

- Andrew Lowe demonstrates room mic (on floor) with plexiglass

The complete drum recording video library area is here - click to visit


- Acoustic guitar microphones compared by Barry Bayliss & Mike Exeter

- Andrew Scheps gives some top guitar recording tips to Russell Cottier

- Guitar cab mic setup with SM57 and Royer with Mike Exeter & Clint Murphy

- Nick Mailing and Phil English guitar cab recording tips

- James Towler - Recording guitars in a live situation - 7 minute Masterclass


Piano recording techniques video page

- Several mic techniques for recording piano including Mid/Side

- 4 Different piano mic choices with audio

- Clint Murphy compares Neumann CMV 583, B&K 4006 & Microtech Gefell UMT 70 S


- Al Groves talks about how he sets up for mixing

- Chris Lord-Alge talks mixing in our exclusive interview

- Mixing 'In The Box' discussed by Andrew Scheps

- Tape Flanging demonstration and technique explained

- Reverse Reverb & other reverb techniques with Ben Baptie

- Clint Murphy demonstrates Parallel Drum Compression

- Clint Murphy shows his excellent 'Fake Slam Mic' technique to liven up drums in a mix

- Mike Cave talks about his mixing techniques

- Getting a bigger bottom end in a mix with Mike Cave

- Mike Cave on getting Vocals to sit well in a mix


- Clint Murphy takes 2 great mics from ICP Studios collection to compare with a guitar

- Piano recording: Some high end mics and placements compared

- Russell Cottier & George Atkins - mic placement for plucked instruments

- Simon Humphrey talks about microphone choices and being different

- Laurie Latham talks about various microphone placement tips

- Robert Carranza talks about microphone alignment tips and techniques

More techniques are in the main production area


- Peter Hewitt-Dutton on mastering at Metropolis Studios

- Matt Colton talks mastering at his room at Metropolis

- Mike Hillier talks about mastering techniqies with producer Mike Exeter


- Russell Cottier & George Atkins on microphone placement for plucked instruments

- Ace recording engineer Gary Langan talks about making records sound big

- Recording engineer Tony Platt talks about recording AC/DC's Back in Black

- Mike Fraser, one of the best recording and mixing engineers on mixing

- Simon Gogerly won a Grammy for mixing U2, he talks about mixing techniques

- Phil Bodger talks about his mixing pointers

- Brad Gilderman is one of the hottest engineers and recording engineers

- Bruce Miller is a hugely talented recording engineer and talks about emotion in mixing

- Kevin Shirley is a top engineer and talks about his favourite equipment and mixing fast

- Andy Jackson known for work with Pink Floyd talks about engineering & recording

- Ken Allardyce talks about his routes in to becoming a successful recording engineer

- Elliot Scheiner is one of the best known recording engineers (low bandwidth video)

- Al Schmitt has probably more engineering Grammy's than anyone (low bandwidth)

- Greg Penny talking about mixing 5.1 using an Elton John session as example

Many more interviews are in the main production area

Tape Flanging demonstration with recording engineer Mike Exeter

A short feature showing one way to do real Tape Flanging with Pro Tools and Tape Machine

Steven Slate talks about his plugins with producer Mike Exeter
Steven Slate un-plugged

Metal producer Jaime Gomez video tour around Orgone Studios
Jaime Gomez's new studio

Andrew Scheps engineer interviews
Andrew Scheps videos

Dave Eringa tour around Rockfield Studios
Dave Eringa's Rockfield Tour

Alan Parsons and Nick Mason interview at State of the Ark Studios
Alan Parsons & Nick Mason

Video tour around record producer Gary Stevenson's recording studios
Gary Stevenson's features

Chris Lord Alge mix engineer interview at ssl

record producer steve lipson at sarm recording studios london ukrecord producer steve lipson video interview at sarm recording studios


- Production Masterclass: Recording Nigel Powell in depth feature

- Metal Production Masterclass with Mike Exeter and Clint Murphy tracking a band

Recording piano microphone placement techniques

Record producer and mix engineer Danton Supple shows mixing tips

Watch leading recording engineers talking on camera about recording in the pro and home studio. Learn their unique and special recording tips, learn how to record and mix better.

Join us and come to one of our practical recording and production masterclasses that we run every so often, from top recording studio locations to producers own studios. Sign up to our Facebook page to be sure that you know when the next one is planned.

Studio Designer Interviews

- Studio Designer Eddie Veale Feature

We have hundreds of top recording engineer and record producer video features that we are editing to extract the important bits: The recording tips. How to record instruments to get great sound.

We start with drum recording tips and this will expand out over the coming months to cover all aspects of mic placement and other recording techniques for every instrument. All techniques videos are short, 5 mins max.

In addition to our recording engineers tips and techniques videos on this page, watch the hundreds of leading producers and engineers in-depth video interviews: Music producers features.



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