website awards - 2000

UK Plus award Site Of The Day  -  June 2000.

"Mike, Congratulations. We have chosen the web site to be tomorrow's Site of the Day for Britain's top search directory - UK Plus. You can go to on June 28 to read our review.  Thanks for nominating it".

UK Plus Site Of The Day editor recently received the following award from

Associate of the Week February 2000.

Record Production.comOur Pick

This Web site is a great place to start if you require information about record producers or anything else related to the music industry. Not only does it contain lists of producers, but also studio locations. does an excellent job of using eye-catching graphics. Notice the photos along the top of their site, the Amazon music button on the homepage and the CD cover graphics in their music store. In the near future, interviews with top producers will be included on the Web site so this will be a great way to promote their own very own products. as it looked in 2000

Record Production website as it looked in August 2000

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