Site updates 2006 - 2007

November 2007 - New studio video tour around Monkey Puzzle House Studios in the UK. It's a 1 minute super fast tour but a longer version plus a producer feature shot at the studios will follow later in the year.

November 2007 - A stack of exciting new features are in the pipeline, these include Steve Lipson, legendary rock producer Chris Tsangarides and Dave Chang.

legendary rock producer chris tsangarides

November 2007 - We now have a new feature with LA based music producer Lenise Bent with musician Gary Allegretto shot at Glenwood Place Studios in Burbank.

October 2007 - For technical reasons Tony Visconti's video will be here later in the year but we have uploaded a two part audio stream of the interview.

October 2007 - A new video interview with Greg Haver is in edit, a new series of studio features including Far Heath Studios, Chair Works, Chestnut Studios and Rockfield - Many others are now here though the videos for these are lagging behind the picture series.

control room at chestnut studio london

October 2007 - New producer features now here include Andy Jackson interviewed at Astoria Studios (Dave Gilmour's studio) and Robert Shahnazarian.

September 2007 - The British studio and recording services association - APRS - celebrated its 60th Year at a great event hosted by legendary record producer Sir George Martin on 27th September and we took a lot of photos. Amoung the guests were Glyn Johns, Ken Townshend, Benny Gallagher and over 100 leading industry figures.

aprs 60th year event in london featuring glyn johns and george martin

September 2007- Legendary rock producer Kevin Shirley is now featured with an exclusive video shot at Metropolis Studios, London.

kevin shirley, record producer, at Metropolis Studios London


Information about the production team and getting involved is HERE.
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NEW: After so many requests from magazines and people in the industry we have launched a high resolution picture download site. Prints can also be bought at very low prices as can all sorts of things such as cups if you're stuck for gift ideas!

September 2007 - Lots of new features underway including Monkey Puzzle House Studios, Dean Street Studios, The Chapel Studios (London), producer features with Andy Jackson and many more. The backlog of features, mostly the American features should be cleared soon so keep checking back for loads of new 'stuff'. See the fab Resolution magazine for the Steve Orchard feature that we shot the snaps for.

chapel studios london with new ssl duality mixing console - owner steven a williams shown

August 2007 - OK, it looks like the updates for the last couple of months have been a bit light but we have been so snowed under recording new fetures and trying to keep up with the editing that the 'stuff' in the pipeline is huge, just that the features take some time to get on-line, mostly as we all have day jobs and this site is all created in spare time by industry people. Some of the upcoming features in the pipeline include legendary producer Kevin Shirley, Andy Gill and Steve Orchard.

steve orchard talks about being a record producer at air recording studios london england

July 2007 - Lots of new features are in the pipeline. We're busy shooting and editing a lot of new producer features and studio tours so the site updates are a bit slow but soon you'll see what we've been working on!

June 2007 - In production: Tony Visconti feature, Deep Studios, Modern World, Beethoven Street Studios, the Premisis and many more in depth studio tours and music producer interviews including Robert Shahnazarian Jr, Christian Davis, Donnie Albano and Rob Paparozzi.

May 2007 - Tony Visconti legendary record producer feature in production.

record producer tony visconti at metropolis studios


NEW: After so many requests from magazines and people in the industry we have launched a high resolution picture download site. Prints can also be bought at very low prices as can all sorts of things such as cups if you're stuck for gift ideas!

May 2007 - Graham Lyle album recording session 'fly on the wall' part one re-encoded. We shot this way back in 2001-2003.

May 2007 - Russ Russell, hard rock and metal producer feature is here. Watch his tour of Parlour Sound Studios too.

May 2007 - Bernhard "Pretty" Purdie, legendary drummer, feature shot at Fenix Studios feature now here.

May 2007 - Amazing series of producer features filmed by Johnny Jaskot coming very soon and include Robert Shahnazarian Jr, Christian Davis, Donnie Albano and Rob Paparozzi. These features will be here soon.

May 2007 - Our pics of Giles Martin feature in this month's excellent issue of Resolution magazine. They look really good. The video is now here!

May 2007 - Legendary sax session man Snake Davis video feature shot at Rooksmere Studios is now here.

May 2007 - Excellent guitarist, producer, arranger and studio owner Joe Public feature just in production.

May 2007 - New SSL Duality Studio - Modern World - picture feature being produced, full video feature scheduled for next month.

new recording studio in the UK - Modern World studios

May 2007 - Pete Townshend's Eel Pie Studio picture feature being produced.

May 2007 - New HD Camcorder bought thanks to contributions and ad's so we can now shoot all new features in HD.

May 2007 - Castle Sound Studios video feature added.

May 2007 - Deep Studios feature in production - shot during a quiet Bank Holiday we managed to get access to the studios to record a full studio tour.

May 2007 - Manhattan Center Studios video features added. 4 video features!

May 2007 - Fran Ashcroft archive video feature now re-encoded for broadband.

NEW: After so many requests from magazines and people in the industry we have launched a high resolution picture download site. Prints can also be bought at very low prices as can all sorts of things such as cups if you're stuck for gift ideas!

April 2007 - New site layour under way, lots of broken pages etc so sorry for any problems! This has caused a backlog in editing the video features but we should catch up by mid May.

April 2007 - The top 10 video features this month:

1 - Mike Oldfield (Mike won this spot by a country mile!)
2 - Hugh Padgham at his private studio, London
3 - Mike Fraser at Warehouse, Vancover
4 - Jack Hale at his private studio, Nashville
5 - Ken Scott at Abbey Road, London
6 - Richard Rainey at Metropolis, London
7 - Pedro Ferreira at Strongroom, London
8 - Mick Glossop at Townhouse, London
9 - Scott Mathews at his studio in LA
10 - Danton Supple at Eden, London

April 2007 - Parlour Sound video feature is now here. Parlour are an excellent mid budget recording studio set on a farm in Nothamptonshire, England.

April 2007 - The Chapel Studios, UK, feature updated.

March 2007 - New pictures of legendary record producer Garth Richardson with ace mixing engineer Mike Fraser taken at Air Recording Studios complement our video feature. Pictures taken at Real World Studios coming soon.

garth richardson and mike fraser at air recording studios

March 2007 - Video feature with Giles Martin shot at Air Studios is in production.

March 2007 - Northamptonshire (UK) based Parlour Sound studios feature now here.

March 2007 - Superb Scottish studios - Castle Sound - feature in production.

March 2007 - Mike Oldfield feature is now here.

mike oldfield in his studio playing guitar


NEW: After so many requests from magazines and people in the industry we have launched a high resolution picture download site. Prints can also be bought at very low prices as can all sorts of things such as cups if you're stuck for gift ideas!

March 2007 - Updates to Sphere Studios. New video features are coming soon.

March 2007 - The Suite studios UK added.

March 2007 - Northampton based Rooksmere Studios feature now added.

Feb 2007 - Forward Studios, Rome, feature with leading recording engineer Haydn Bendall is now here.

Feb 2007 - Fenix Studios, Staten Island, 4 video features are now here including an interview with Bernhard 'Pretty' Purdey, legendary session drummer with arguably more recordings to his name than anyone else!

benhard pretty purdy and friends at fenix studios

Feb 2007 - Future Studios, Arizona, broadband video tour is now here.

Jan 2007 - Richard Rainey record producer feature is now here.

record producer richard rainey at metropolis recording studios london

Richard Rainey video feature at Metropolis Studios

January 2007 - Coming soon: A huge number of LA studio and producer features. Stay tuned for more news.

January 2007 - Fenix Studios, New York, feature will be here very soon. All the features are edited and the new pages will be up soon.

January 2007 - Coming soon: Manhattan Center Studios, New York.

January 2007 - Coming soon: The Way Studios, London.

January 2007 - Coming soon: Deep Studios.

January 2007 - Coming soon: Record producer Steve Williams.

January 2007 - Now we are back on line with some new Mac's and the 'render farm' is busy crunching the latest video features plus re-encoding a further series of older features. We are trying to bring all of the older videos up to date with large streaming videos but some of the older features are simply not up to it due to the older equipment used so many of the old features, eg Air Studios, will be re-shot over the coming year.

Make sure that you are featured, it's free. Don't be shy!

December 2006 - If you have emailed us during December to arrange features etc please contact us again as we've had a major problem with emails :-(

December 2006 - Sorry for the lack of December updates, this is due to the RecordProduction Mac having a faulty hard drive so recovering everything and getting it all back to normal has taken a while.

In the background we have been shooting a number of great new features both in New York and London. In New York we filmed a series of great producer interviews at Fenix Studios (Staten Island) and these will be available in Jan 2007.

In London we shot interviews with people including KK and his feature is now live.

Legendary record producer and recording engineer Tony Platt at Townhouse Studios

Legendary record producer Tony Platt is subject to the lights and cameras!

November 17th 2006 - Music Tank and MPG event pictures at the Production Magic event in London with Phil Ramone, Nile Rodgers, Hugh Padgham and many other leading record producers.

November 12th 2006 -  Lot's of work has been going on.  We visited Abbey Road Studios for the long awaited 'Recording the Beatles' book launch and took a series of very interesting pictures.  Many of the pictures feature people directly involved with the beatles recordings and naturally, the book's authors.

recording the beatles book launch at Abbey Road Studios

The 'Recording the Beatles' book launch at Abbey Road Studios - Studio Two

November 11th 2006 - We attended a very impressive Music Tank and MPG event at the Magic Circle in London.  Key speakers included Phil Ramone, Nile Rodgers, Hugh Padgham, Stephen Budd etc.  We will link to the photo's soon but here are two snaps:

Record producer Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers at the Music Tank / MPG event at the Magic Circle, London

phil ramone and hugh padgham

Legendary record producers Phil Ramone and Hugh Padgham at the Music Tank / MPG event

October 30th 2006 -  October's most popular videos:

Trevor Horn
Mike Fraser
Mick Glossop
MPG event at British Grove
Ken Scott
Hugh Padgham
Jason Miles
Lin Gardiner
Pedro Ferreira
Tony Platt

These figures are based on bandwidth used and the top ten videos account for over 10Gb a day. 

October 29th 2006 -  Dear on line webmaster's diary reader, sorry to not keep more news coming but we are busy scheduling video features and editing new ones.  More are due from Canada soon following the massive interest in Mike Fraser's video.  We are waiting for another very interesting feature to get through the edit suite that was shot in Rome with a very well respected engineer and producer.

We have been working through updating several areas of the site, including working on improving the studio equipment and shop - sorry if you hate any commercialism but without it we couldn't be running broadband videos as we are, ie, for free.  We are also working on improving the jobs area.  Anyway, we have re-streamed Danton Supple's video interview and that's now substantially better than the low speed modem version!  We're away shooting videos at the moment so there are lot's of exciting new features coming soon. 

Finally, check out the production magic event at London's Magic Circle featuring Phil Ramone and Nile Rodgers.

October 13th 2006 - Our first major record producer feature from Canada is now here - Mike Fraser in featured at the fabulous Warehouse Studios in Vancouver. Mike's credits are amazing and so is this video feature which was produced with very kind assistance from Mimi at Canadian Recording Services and a whole host of talented people with some superb backing music from Joe Satriani! Cool!

October 6th 2006 - Quite a few producer biogs updated including Richard Rainey and studio features with new pictures added including Yellow Shark. Just a note about producer biogs: We are trying to phase out just biogs and move over to producer features, so if you're listed and want more exposure please get in touch so we can feature you!

October 5th 2006 - Our copy of Resolution magazine arrived today. Great issue, if you don't currently get Resolution you owe it to yourself to visit their website to sign up!

October 4th 2006 - A series of producer features and studio tours recorded in Canada are coming very soon. Stay tuned for more news but we can say that these are very exciting! Many thanks to Mimi at Canadian Recording Services for her help in making these possible!

October 3rd 2006 - We are very pleased to feature our latest video - Mick Glossop. The feature was shot at Townhouse Studios and we very much hope that Townhouse finds a new buyer and is back in business soon, hopefully this won't be the last Townhouse feature ever!

To give Townhouse fans a little extra we took a series of photos around the studios with Mick Glossop and these are linked at the bottom of Mick's feature. We will add extra pictures soon. We will also add extra pictures taken on producer features shot at Townhouse on the Townhouse page. Some new ones have been added already.

October 1st 2006 - At long last Lin Gardiner video feature is added. Lin is now based in Vancover, Canada but this video was shot at Strongroom studios in London. It will have a few changes made to it over the next week.

September 30th 2006 - September's top video features:

1 - Pedro Ferreira
2 - Ken Scott
3 - Hugh Padgham
4 - Tony Platt
5 - MPG event
6 - Danton Supple
7 - Sergio Galoyan
8 - Jason Miles
9 - Ken Allardyce
10 -Alex Silva

The top videos have about 2,000 views a week!

September 2006 - We've been on holiday - recording several new features - keep tuned for much more info!

Se[tember 12th 2006 - OK, we've set up a Myspace account. Check us out and say hello at

6th 2006 - Ray Staff at Alchemy Mastering Studios feature added. No video, just pictures for the moment.

September 5th 2006 - Jason Miles video interview is now here! Thanks to Johnny Jaskot!

September 5th 2006 - John Carter Cash video now in large format video.

September 4th 2006 - Newly broadband encoded Trevor Horn video feature added.

September 3rd 2006 - New broadband version of Henson Studios video added. This is a lowish quality video shot on a handycam but we like it - and we love Henson Studios!

September 3rd 2006 - Experimental audio trailer added to the About Us page. We suspect that many visitors here for the first time don't realise exactly what the wealth of content is - so this is a way to quickly show what's inside. Please feel free to give up your feedback on the Forum.

September 1st 2006 - Top 10 videos this month:

Pedro Ferreira
Hugh Padgham
Ken Scott
Scott Mathews
Tony Platt
Doghouse Studios
Niko Bolas
Alex Silva
Sun Studios
Gary Langan

August 31st 2006 - We've moved servers - all done. If you've tried emailing us and haven't heard back it's probably due to the server move, so please try again! As we had the site spread over two servers (big video files on one) it was getting messy. The possible problem that you may have is that some links may now be incorrect. Please let us know of any that you find!

August 26th 2006


We've overspent way too much on production recently so are having to slow down the new features for this month a little - if you would like to help out with a contribution good on you! Advertising on the site helps but the production costs, equipment, materials, bandwidth and webhosting etc add up to big numbers.

In the last few month's we hope that you've seen a quantum jump in the site's quality, from better graphics to higher quality video. This is due to investment in cameras, lenses, lighting, microphones and the addition of a new streaming server that has enabled higher bandwidth for larger video streaming. Special thanks to Johnny Jaskot for his work in improving the site's quality.

There are a huge number of pages to update so it's likely that you will find quite a few pages that don't quite match the new look, sorry about this, we are updating as fast as possible. Many of the old videos were designed for modems and the quality is poor, quite a few are not suitable for re-editing but where it is possible we are re-editing and re-streaming.

We encourage you to add links to the site from your own page or myspace pages, we depend on widening the audience to keep the site growing.

Thanks for being a part of, please add us to your bookmarks!

August 25th 2006 - We are scheduling a stack of new video features for the September/October period, if you'd like to be featured or know someone who should be featured please get in touch.

August 24th 2006 - Even more pages updated. Visit the Producers and Engineers area to see.

August 20th 2006 - A substantial amount of pages have been updated, lots of new pictures added etc, etc.

August 18th 2006 - Jason Miles video interview shot by Johnny Jaskot is uploaded for review - hopefully this will be on line in a week.

August 6th 2006 - Calum Malcolm video now uploaded. The audio is poor due to a broken mic and the video quality is a bit lacking but the content is great.

August 5th 2006 - Lin Gardiner video now in edit - it will be up in a few weeks - the editing has been delayed due to sync problems in Final Cut - grrr..

August 4th 2006 - Toby Scott video is having a few tweaks before uploading, sorry for the delay!

August 2nd 2006 - Top secret producer webcam coming soon :-)

August 1st 2006 - Gary Langan and Hugh Padgham pages updated.

July 30th 2006 - This month's hits are up on last month, again, which is nice. :-)

July 30th 2006 - Noticed in Tape Op magazine we got a good mention last month. Shame it takes so long to get our copy over here in the UK as it's such a great mag.

July 30th 2006 - Lot's more producer pages updated.

July 25th 2006 - Mixing rooms page added, just waiting for the Calum Malcolm video shot there to add.

July 22nd 2006 - Toby Scott video edits completed by Johnny Jaskot - awaiting upload - should be on the site in the next few days.

July 22nd 2006 - Huge number of pages updated - zillions left to do.

July 16th 2006 - Lin Gardiner (note correct spelling) video in edit but due to lack of time and so many other projects on the go it is going to take a few weeks to complete.

July 14th 2006 - Resolution magazine out with several of our shots, Pedro Ferreira feature and pics of Riverlight Studios.

July 10th 2006 - New Ultra High Resolution video of Ken Scott is now on the site. We have asked that people who view make a small donation via Pay Pal as this video is 250meg and will eat bandwidth. If this proves to be popular we will make sure that all videos are available in this format too. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

July 9th 2006 - Tony Platt broadband video shot at Townhouse Studios uploaded.

July 8th 2006 - New videos are now all going up in extra large format. This may not be great news if you're on a modem or have a slow connection but we are having to think ahead. The original videos were designed to play via a modem, now they look rubbish and as the march of technology continues we are sure that everyone will have fast connections soon so to stay ahead and to prevent us having to re-stream later with all the work that entails it's best to go with a larger format now.

If you are on a decent broadband connection it's great news as the picture quality is significantly better. If you find that you get the videos stopping just wait a minute to let it buffer a bit then start from the beginning.

July 8th 2006 - New featured record producer - Pedro Ferreira added. We are very pleased with this video, Pedro is a serious star in the making, great attitude, bright and talented.

July 8th 2006 - Videos still in edit and likely to be uploaded in the coming month include: Toby Scott, Lin Gardner, Tony Platt, Calum Malcolm, Jason Miles, MPG event and a few others that are being re-edited and streamed at higher bandwidths.

July 8th 2006 - Filming of new producer feature with Lin Gardner. Hopefully this will be edited and on the site in about a week.

July 7th 2006 - Toby Scott and Jason Miles videos are nearly edited by Johnny Jaskot. This will be a three part feature shot at Berklee while Toby is working with Bruce Spingsteen! Expect to see these videos in about two weeks.

July 7th 2006 - New banner is on trial. The idea is to include the featured producer, artist orstudio etc within the banner so each month, or week depending on how busy we are, the site will look a bit different. It's going to be a quick way for regular visitors to see that there have been significant updates. Please let us know what you think - if you're an artist, feel free to offer advice!

July 2nd 2006 - New Tony Platt video feature uploaded on to computer for editing, will be two weeks or so before it's up.

July 1st 2006 - Two new producer features added this weekend. Sergio Galoyan and AlexSilva. Both are in extra large broadband format.

July 1st 2006 - Ed Buller video now re-streamed at high bandwidth.

July 1st 2006 - Lou Lombardi's video now added.


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