Sphere's new mix room gets off to a flying start

Sphere Studios London

Producer Nick Davis has become the first client to book Sphere Studio's new SSL-equipped mix room, which officially opened for business during June.

Davis, who's production credits include XTC and Herbert Gronemeyer, is using facility to mix a 5.1 soundtrack for a forthcoming Genesis DVD, due for release in the Autumn through Virgin. The DVD features footage of the band's 1992 concert at Earls Court, the last time Phil Collins performed with Genesis.

The completion of the 5.1 surround mix room marks another step forward for Sphere, London's newest recording complex. The 72-channel J series console that forms the centrepiece of the studio was delivered and installed in May, along with a surround monitor system based around Dynaudio Acoustics monitors.

Davis, who has booked the studio for a month, says: "Genesis have their own studio but it is not equipped to mix in 5.1 surround, which is why I have decided to book the new mix room at Sphere for this DVD project. I'm delighted to be the first client in the new room and to be seen to support Sphere, which I believe will rapidly establish itself as one of the most adventurous and forward thinking music recording facilities in the UK. Commercial studios have had a tough time surviving in recent years but I think Sphere's approach will prove to be a winner as there is a genuine requirement in the UK for recording facilities that can offer the most up to date technical solutions."

Located by the river at Battersea, Sphere Studios are headed by musician and producer Francesco Cameli and Malcolm Atkin, formerly general manager of Air Studios. At completion, the Munro-designed complex will incorporate three main control rooms dedicated to track-laying, stereo mixing and 5.1 surround mixing, plus six pre-production rooms available for hire to artists and independent producers.

Malcolm Atkin says: "The completion of the mix room marks another step forward for Sphere and we are thrilled that its first project is of such high calibre. We had quite a rush on our hands ensuring that the desk was delivered and installed in time for Nick's start date, but in the end everything went according to plan and the mix room is now fully operational. Not only does it look stunning but it also sound fantastic as well."

Sphere's Euphonix-equipped 5.1 mix room and Neve 88R equipped main tracklaying room are still under construction but are expected to be completed by the end of July. Four of the six pre production rooms are already in use and have been snapped up by external clients including producers Chris Kimsey and Tony Briscoe.

A feature covering the building and launch of Sphere Studios will be here soon. In the meantime, for further information contact Sue Sillitoe at: sue@dimes-sillitoe.com


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