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Rick Nowels has smash hits with Dido’s ‘Here With Me’ and ‘Hunter’, Texas, Sonique, Ronan Keating, Melanie C, Eros Ramazotti and Stevie Nicks, produces new Dido single ‘All You Want’ and writes Jewel’s new single ‘Standing Still’. Now producing Santana.


New SBM client Oxide of ‘Oxide & Neutrino’ his remixes include Missy Elliot ‘One Minute Man’, Mr Shabs ‘Haterz’, ‘Oh No That’s the Word’ for So Solid crew


New SBM client So Solid Crew remixes include ‘Fresh ‘n New’ for Kelis, ‘Turn Off The Light’ by Nelly Furtado and the new Beverly Knight and Charlatans singles. Recent productions include Beanie Man single and tracks for album. Oxide and So Solid crew represented on behalf of Albert Samuel Management.



New SBM client Tore Johansson – Tore produced all of the Cardigans hits and has recently mixed the A Camp singles. In Spring he produces the new Cardigans album. He is now living in the UK and co-writing with artists including Melanie C for her new album in January.



New SBM client Oskar Paul - S Club 7 'Never Had A Dream' producer, mixes Fixate and writes and produces Hear'Say tracks for new album with Cathy Dennis and David Chavet tracks for Mercury.



Billy Steinberg has No 1 hit with Atomic Kitten's cover of 'Eternal Flame', US smash with Amber’s ‘Yes’. Now writing new Kitten's material.



Dan Frampton mixes Westlife, Tymes 4, Commonwealth, Atomic Kitten, Hear’Say, All Stars, Liberty and engineers Steps and …Rick Astley !



Greg Fitzgerald produces Kylie ‘Fever’ album title track plus future single, plus new Atomic Kitten & Lulu duet and Irish hit teensters Reel. Currently writing with the Appleton Sisters.



New SBM client Jon Kelly - Beautiful South, Kate Bush, Tori Amos & Prefab Sprout producer recently produced Rosalie Deighton album for Independiente, Paul Heaton's solo album, Mary Black tracks and new Beautiful South tracks.



Arthur Baker and Merv de Peyer work on new New Order, Perfecto releases Arthur’s ‘Breakin’ album featuring his collaborations with Felix Da House Cat, Rennie Pilgrim, Timo Mass and Paul Oakenfold.



New SBM client Robin Smith -Our ‘classical crossover’ producer / arranger has been producing, composing and arranging tracks on Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Cieli Di Toscana’ hit album, on Fillipa Giordana’s forthcoming album, tracks on the recent UK No 1 'Classic Chillout Album', Sissel and Carola’s new albums.



New SBM client Tom Nichols - All Saints writer, just wrote and produced Kylie Minogue tracks for ‘Fever’ album + writing with Daryl Hall, Cathy Dennis, Anders Bagge and Mark Hill



John Brough mixes Gabrielle ‘Out Of Reach’ 7” hit from 'Bridget Jones' movie, now mixing Native album



K-Warren has hit with ‘Coming Home’ plus remixes Architechs, Tymes 4, Bob Sinclar singles and produces Ladies First co-written and produced Lee-O's debut single ‘U Stress Me’.



New SBM client Greg Haver - Manic Street Preachers and Catatonia producer, mixed Cosmic Rough Riders ‘Pain Inside’ hit, produced Christopher Rees and is currently producing The Kennedy Soundtrack



Mark Wallis produces Haven and Gloss new album has hit with Travis ‘Coming Around’



Steve Lyon produces new Reamonn album, already a German smash.



Martyn Ware produces new Thomas Helmig album, already a Danish smash.







S   B   M D   a   n   c   e

The end of 2001 has also seen the development of a dance roster and management of a variety of quality dance based producers and remixers. This includes Audio Drive, house remixers who've reworked Sticky ft. Miss Booo and the DB Boulevard track "Point of View", Ben Mitchell, latin house / nu jazz / broken beat remixer who has reworked Samantha Mumba. On the beats and breakbeat remix /production front, Rob Playford(co-producer of Goldie's Timeless album), Dom T(remixed Bjork and mixed Sneaker Pimps) and Boswick Gates, remixed Mark Morrison for Death Row. In addition Pole Folderprovides the progressive sound and produces for John Digweed's Bedrock Records while K-Warrenhas had UK garage hits with his own productions, Coming Home on GoBeat and his remix of Brandy & Monica. Alpha - signed as artists to Massive Attack's label Melankolic - this Bristol based duo have just completed an official remix of "Yellow" by Coldplay, as well as recent mixes for Ivy and Benjamin Biolay. They have jsut produced a version of "Revolution" for the Orange advertising campaign in France and are currently producing and mixing tracks for Sony Japan's artist Aco.

Historical Information

Rick Nowels

We celebrate this month as Rick has written and produced the No 1 UK Ronan Keating single ‘Life Is A Rollercoaster’. Working with Greg Alexander, his co-writer on the world-wide New Radicals smash ‘You Get What You Give’. Together they also have covers and productions on several major projects including songs on the next Texas album. Rick has also has co-written and produced (with Rob Playford) the forthcoming Melanie C single ‘I Turn To You’ which follows her recent number 1 single and the ‘Northern Star’ single and album title track which Rick also co-wrote and produced. He has written Sonique’s next single ‘Sky’ as well. After an incredible year in ‘99 with massive world-wide hits for New Radicals, Madonna, Des’ree, The Corrs and Melanie C, he also has tracks with Enrique Iglesias, N-Sync, Bryan Adams, KD Lang, plus a US airplay smash with Amber’s ‘Sexual’. He is currently writing and producing tracks for Geri Halliwell, Stevie Nicks, Connor Reeves, Sony Sweden’s Jennie Lofgren, BMG’s Italian mega-star Eros Ramazotti and ex-Sneakerpimps lead singer Kelli Ali.

Mark Wallis

Mark Wallis

Mark Wallis takes time out to record a brief video interviewMark produced the recent Travis hit single ‘Coming Around’ (he also produced tracks on their now 7 x UK platinum Brit Award winning ‘The Man Who..’ album). In April he completed several tracks for The Vegastone$ album for V2’s Kevin Nixon at Ridge Farm and a new Glitterbug single for Daniel Lycett at Edel UK. He has also been producing tracks for Bullit for Mark Lewis at London Records and for Saul Galpern’s new Nude signing Gloss. Recently Mark produced an album for Metal Molly for Sony/Double T at Loco Studios and the Ripcord album for Seymour Stein at Sire at the same studio plus tracks for Wildstar’s The Dum Dums. He has just completed producing the new Levellers album for eastwest and now continues with the Gloss album.

Mike Hedges

Following his smash hits with Travis’s ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me’ & ‘Turn’ singles on the ‘The Man Who..’ album, Mike produced an album for Noa for Tony Ferguson at Interscope US and remixed singles for Marie-Therese for Nigel plus the Cure single ‘Maybe Someday’ for Chris Parry at Fiction. Mike has just completed The Screaming Orphans album for Nick Feldman at Warners UK and is mixing new U2 material for their forthcoming album. The Travis album marks the 3rd time his production has won a Brit for Album of the Year, the last 2 Manics albums being the others

Rob Playford

With Rick Nowels, Rob co-produced tracks on the Melanie C album including the new single ‘I Turn To You’ for Ashley Newton at Virgin LA. He is currently working with Justin Robertson on new Lionrock material, co-producing a Jennie Lofgren track with Rick Nowels for Sony and co-producing with Chris Kimsey on Lucie Silvas. He also recently produced tracks for Snowpony for Radioactive NY at his own studio in Soho.

Ian Grimble

Ian is currently producing the new Dark Star album for Sas Metcalf at EMI : Chrysalis. With Mike Hedges he co-produced the Travis hits 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me', tracks on The Wannadies new album and The Screaming Orphans album. He recently additionally produced and mixed an album for The Motorhomes for Rob Stringer at Epic and Leif Kack at Sony Sweden. He produced tracks on the new ‘Phat Dat’ album for Superstar with Dave Anderson, mixed a Campag Velocet single for PIAS UK, tracks on the Noa album, singles for Papa Mantra for Telstar UK, for French superstar David Halliday and for Warner UK’s The Webb Brothers.

Chris Kimsey

Over the years he has produced and had hits with acts as varied as; The Rolling Stones (7 albums), INXS, Gypsy Kings, Escape Club, Marillion, The Chieftans, Deacon Blue, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Killing Joke, Psychedelic Furs, The Cult, Duran Duran, Johnny Halliday, Peter Frampton, ELP, Bad Company, Ten Years After. Chris’s recent work includes albums for Soul Asylum ‘Candy From A Stranger’ for Columbia Records and the Ash album ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’ for Infectious. He has also produced key tracks for Sub Circus for the Echo Label and has recently completed producing Billionaires for Universal / Republic US and recorded The Rolling Stones live in concert for DVD. He has been working with Rob Playford on new EMI:Chryslis signing Lucie Silvas and is currently producing the first new Proclamiers album in over 10 years.

Steve Lyon

Following his production of the hit Paradise Lost album (EMI), Steve has produced the smash hit ‘Tuesday’ album and ‘Supergirl’ single for Virgin Germany’s Reamonn at the Forge Studio now being released world-wide, plus The Farmers Boys album for Universal. He mixed a hit for 99 Posse for BMG Italy and is currently producing new tracks for Sony / Double T’s Lunascape and Mercury’s NTS.

Charlie Rapino

Charlie remixed the recent Geri Halliwell hit ‘Mi Chico Latino’, a 12’ of the Point Break hit for Steve Allen at Eternal for whom he also remixed the Dario G track ‘Carnival de Paris’ for the Euro 2000 album. He remixed a massive Italian hit for Universal’s Alex Britti and the new version of Amii Stewart’s classic ‘Knock On Wood’. Charlie also mixed Primal Scream’s ‘Swastika Eyes’ for Creation and produced an album for Universal Portugal’s Wonderland. He has remixed a new single by Tony Moran for Cheryl Robson at eastwest and apart from (yes another) TV presenting job for Channel 4, he is currently remixing Elisa for Sugar, Kelly Joyce for Universal and Mexican superstars, Titan’s new single Corazon for Virgin to release Europe-wide, the Ruff Driverz for Global and Paola & Chiara for Sony International’s Annie Rosebury.

Greg Fitzgerald

Is currently producing new WEA UK signing Kirsty. He recently produced the Caprice hit single ‘Oh Yeah’ and the forthcoming album (which is currently being worked on) at his Church Road Studio for David Boyd at Hut Recordings. He is currently producing new Martine McCutcheon tracks for Virgin / Innocent, writing and producing for Riverhorse’s Sherena Dugani, Universal Ireland’s Reel and writing with new eastwest signing Blu.

James Sanger

Has been remixing with Mike Hedges on Marie-Therese, Headswim and The Cure and U2, and programming for Ash Howes on Ultra, Fiona Prince, Dimestar, Lunascape and Sherena Dugani as well as producing tracks for Gut’s Supersister. He has been remixing French legend Serge Gainsbourg with The Trouser Enthusiasts. He has also been working with Mark Wallis on V2’s Vegastone$ and Gloss and Ian Grimble on Dark Star and is currently working with The Duritti Column.

Gary Katz

Gary Katz chats with George Shilling at Metropolis Studios in an exclusive interviewIn February we took on world-wide representation for this legendary US Producer of classic albums from the likes of Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, Joe Cocker, Peter Tosh and many others. He is currently producing an album for Dreamworks’ US Invisible Jet.

Mick Glossop

Hs just produced an album for Movieplay act Blunder and is now producing an album for WEA Spain’s Revolver.

Dave Anderson

Is currently producing an album for Big Sur for Arista. He produced the new album for Sony / Double T’s Arid (out soon on Columbia US) at ICP Belgium and engineered and mixed on the Mike Hedges produced Noa album for Tony Ferguson at Interscope Records, L.A. and mixed tracks for Arista UK’s Peppercorn. Before that, Dave produced an album for Sony / Double T’s Thierry Lafayette at ICP Studios. He has recently produced the new ‘Phat Dat’ Superstar album at Windmill Lane and Ridge Farm for Jona Cox at Camp Fabulous out soon…. and a single for Astronaut for Fierce Panda.

Arthur Baker

In the last year or so, Arthur has produced hit singles for Ash, Mansun, Electronic and The Warm Jets. He has taken most of the last few months to work on his own solo album featuring Mogwai, Pharoah Saunders, Environmental Science, Mani from Primal Scream, Hooky from New Order, Astrid and Fridge which we will be lisensing. He also produced the Children’s Promise charity version of ‘It’s Only Rock & Roll’ featuring James Brown, Kid Rock, Jay Kay from Jamiroquai, Mary J.Blige, Mick n' Keith, Huey from Fun Lovin Criminals, Iggy Pop, Natalie Imbruglia, Ozzy Osbourne, Skin, Kelly from Stereophonics, Annie Lennox, Ronan Keating, The Spice Girls, and many others.with recording taking place in various hotel rooms, dressing rooms and tour buses and toilets around the world. Arthur has just produced a singles for Glitterbug for Edel UK and Mo Solid Gold for Anthony Cavanagh at EMI:Chrysalis.

Boo Hewerdine

Boo recently completed writing and co-producing an album with Rosalee Dayton with Jon Kelly for Dave Gilmour at Independiente. He has just been or is currently writing with Natalie Imbruglia, Chris Difford and Sherena Dugani, Jive’s Sally-Ann Marsh and Adam Couldwell newly signed to Gut, Ultra and new eastwest / libertine signing Wendy Page.

Nigel Butler

Currently working with Mike Hedges programming for The Screaming Orphans, a former member of theaudience, Nigel has been working with pop maestro Ray Hedges writing and mixing on numerous projects including Adam Rickitts and the re-mix of the recent B*Witched smash hit single ‘Jesse Hold On’.

Steve Levine

Is curretnly writing tracks with Cheryl Robson’s new signing to eastwest Darren Berry. He has produced and written new tracks for The Honeyz following up his hits on their last album and has also been working on the sound-track for the West-End musical Boy Band. This year he has also been producing Universal’s Voices in Motion, Alsou (managed by Simon Napier-Bell this artist being released world-wide by Universal and was Russia’s entrant to Eurovision) and club legend Rozalla’s new album.

Teo Miller

Has just produced an album for Cornu for Mercury France and has been working with Black Box Recorder. He is currently producing a single for Ulternative 3 on Blue Dog and mixing tracks for Crispian Mills’ album for Blair McDonbald at Columbia.

Merv de Peyer

Merv worked with Charlie Rapino on remixing Geri Halliwell’s hit ‘Ma Chico Latino’ single and a remix of Primal Scream’s ‘Swastika Eyes’ at his own facility in sunny Primrose Hill. He produced Finland’s big new act Nightwish and is he currently working with Arthur Baker on his solo album as well as writing and producing new Mica Paris material’ plus working on the Ruff Driverz with Charlie.

Darren Allison

Following his production of their first platinum album Darren is producing a 2nd album for Portugese band Hands On Approach for Universal. He has just completed producing an album for Universal’s Phase at Clarion Studios plus tracks for Big Sur for Arista. The recent Divine Comedy Greatest hits album features several of Darren’s classic single hit productions.

Mark McGuire

Mark has recently been programming and recording Warp’s Red Snapper and for Martyn Ware on a project for Dennis Wheeler at Next Entertainment, New York on Columbia recording artist Mario Vasquez at the Strongroom. He recently mixed live tracks for Madness at Konk Studios for Virgin, tracks for Kelle Bryan for Mercury UK and remixed The Nightcrawlers for Sony/Riverhorse as well as tracks for WEA UK’s 7th Son. He is currently recording and mixing EMI’s Mo Solid Gold for Arthur Baker and Universal’s Project 2000.

Rafe McKenna

Recently mixed tracks for the new Lewis Taylor album for Island Records at Roundhouse Studios. In the last few months, Rafe mixed tracks Sweden’s The Mopeds, engineered for Ronan Keating, mixed tracks for JTQ, Donal Lunny, Madness and Universal Holland’s Truemax, Marco Borsato and De Dijk. He also produced the current Big Country album for Track Records at Rockfield and is curretnly producing tracks on the Turn album for Infectious.

Andy Whitmore

Working at Greystoke Studios, Andy has recently produced tracks for new Universal US signing’s My Town, Joan Martin, Kathleen Chaplin, Amii Stewart, Breez, Janis & Jason for Simon Napier-Bell and President Records and Stefan for Bass Records, Belgium. He has recently been writing with Northern Line.

Martyn Ware

Has just produced Columbia NY signing Mario Vasquez for Dennis Wheeler at Next Entertainment, New York at the Strongroom. His album with Vince Clark, ‘Pretentious’, is being released by Mute and Martyn is now writing and producing new Heaven 17 material.

Dan Frampton

In April we took on this extremely talented young engineer / radio mixer who has made a name for himself working with Pete Waterman’s set-up recording and mixing massive hits for Steps, Westlife and Five. Dan has just been mixing Mynx and with the Steelworks team in Sheffield mixing Northern Line and is currently in the US recording new tracks for Steps.

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New to our roster :

Chris Kimsey

It's not every day that we get to take on a legend, but this month we are proud to say that another one has joined our roster. Chris has produced literally dozens of world-wide hit records over his distinguished career and
is surprisingly youthful having established himself at a very early age. Over the years he has produced and had hits with acts as varied as; 

The Rolling Stones (7 albums), INXS, Gypsy Kings, Escape Club, Marillion, The Chieftans, Deacon Blue, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Killing Joke, Psychedelic
Furs, The Cult, Duran Duran, Johnny Halliday, Peter Frampton, ELP, Bad Company, Ten Years After. Chris's recent work includes albums for Soul Asylum "Candy From A Stranger" for Columbia Records and the Ash album "Nu-Clear Sounds" for Infectious. He has also produced key tracks for Sub Circus for the Echo Label and has most recently completed producing Billionaires for Universal / Republic US and recorded The Rolling Stones live in concert for DVD.

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