The remote studio setup Clint Murphy is using to record a new album

A quick 2 minute tour of the remote band recording setup in a country cottage

Clint Murphy with the band recording in a make-shift studio

Clint shows us on a quick 2 minute tour the remote band recording setup in a country cottage where he's working with Two Year Break on their album (now out and available to buy) - Check out the band's page linked below.

With the COVID pandemic causing studios to be unavailable, Clint and the band have 'formed a bubble' and rented a country cottage to set up a temporary studio and work on the band's first album that's been completely funded by crowd-funding.  This short tour shows how it's easy to adapt a house to make a record - the key is an expert engineer who can make the best of the situation.  Clint takes us around the equipment used and how he has it set up showing to get the session working. Since this was filmed we have bought the record (on vinyl) and it sounds great, proving that this can work.

A really big thanks to Clint and the band for recording this video - check out Clint's website to get in touch and book him!

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