The SSL Paris Trip '99

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  • Published 1999

Every year, SSL tries to go one better.  While other console manufacturers go decked out in tweed to exhibitions and hold the odd yawn inspiring seminar, the marketing guys at SSL know no bounds when it comes to getting involved in the recording industry.

Their latest wheeze was to take 40 'movers and shakers' from the studios, producers, engineers and record company people on a treasure hunt in the centre of Paris ending up with a visit to Mega Studios.  The upcoming SSL extravaganza looks like it's going to be even madder and more entertaining than the last, so, if you're up for some adventure and can claim to be a 'mover and shaker' beg to be included on the party list!

We have no say in the list, but we can at least pass your details on to the organisers!  Good luck!

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