The UK residential guide for record producers

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  • Published 2000

Why a British residential studio?  The Dollar now buys a lot of studio time in the UK making the wide range of top residential studios excellent value:  

Quality accommodation, great food, excellent recreation facilities, serious engineers and most of all, relaxed yet well maintained state of the art studios on a par with the best in L.A, New York and London.  If you're outside of the UK, apart from your air fare, pretty much everything is included!

This brief feature gives a brief overview of what you may be missing out on.  If any of the studios grab your attention, follow their links and take a closer look!  

Great British residential studios - Exclusive videos

Hook End Manor

Trevor Horn talks on video about the fantastic Hook End Manor Studios plus video tour. Take the tour around SARM's fantastic residential studios, SARM Hook End Manor

Real World

Studio manager, Owen Leach, takes us on a tour around this fabulous residential complex. Real World Studios

Ridge Farm

Look around the studios and watch producer interviews at this wonderful studio. The main studio live area

Great Linford Manor

Studio owner Pete Winkelman take us on a studio tour, plus producer interviews at the studio. Great Linford Manor preview of 'Babbey Road'

New Rising Studios

Studio owner Mark Daghorn takes us on a studio tour. Check out the great value New Rising Studios, perfect for bands!



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