Brad Gilderman - Two video features

We met up with tripple Grammy nominated - and one of the hottest mixers in the world - Brad Gilderman, while at his 'Little Big Room' studio in Burbank, California. Watch this excellent archive broadband streaming video feature that gets Brad's perspective on making hit records!


NEW Video recorded in December 2008 is here

Brad Gilderman behind the ssl mixing console


If you don't have broadband, right click here (Windows) or hold ctrl and click (Mac) to save and download the video - it's about 25meg. The video is inQuick Time format.


NEW video recorded in December 2008 is here


Watch Brad Gilderman talking on cameraTriple Grammy nominated Brad Gilderman is best known for his versatility in mixing multi-platinum records in pop, rock, R&B as well as Soundtracks. Whether Brad is working with contemporary chart toppers like Britney Spears, Samantha Mooba, Ronan Keaton or Mya to legendary crooners like Tom Jones, Babyface and Eric Clapton, he focuses on each artist in achieving an individualized sound.


Brad started playing drums and doing live sound before he got an entry level position at one of LA's top local studios named Davlen. He later moved to the legendary Cherokee studios where he got his first engineering break recording a 30 piece orchestra for Neil Diamond. "Having mentors like Shelly Yakus, Al Schmitt and Jimmy Iovine helped me learn from the best," says Gilderman.

Then one day Tom Petty called Brad to invite him to record his record. Brad, then 22, left his family vacation in Hawaii for greener pastures in Hollywood. "One call lead to another and I became a much in demand mixer for some of the world's top producers like Babyface, LA Reid and Rodney Jerkins. Together we made some memorable records by Destiny Child and Tony Braxton, Madonna, Boys to Men, to name a few," adds Brad.


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Very special thanks to Johnny Jaskot of who directed filming and edited this feature and mega thanks too to Claris Sayadian-Dodge of StudioExpresso who asked the questions. A massive thanks to Graham Carpenter for setting the feature up and to Brad for taking time out to chat on camera with us!




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