Chestnut Studios - UK recording studio with unique character  

How many times have you walked through the door of a studio to be completely knocked out with the look and style of a music studio? Sure, most studios are impressive but this studio needs a new word to describe its impact.


Studio owner and producer / engineer Chris Young deserves credit for creating one of the most impressive studios that we have yet seen. We think that Jack Joseph's room at Ocean Way is on the same wavelength but few others have created such an inspiring and well executed theme.


The recording studio is downstairs and the recording spaces include two good sized isolation booths and nice sized main playing area that sounds very nice. Upstairs is the relaxation area that has daylight flooding in with an impressive collection of unique artist photographs on the walls.


Chestnut Studios Photo Gallery


chestnut recording studios london uk


We strongly hope that you will pay Chestnut Studios a visit to see for yourself what we have tried to capture here. The vibe is relaxed but also very clean and well organised, a good combination of attributes.



live area at chestnut music recording studios london



We hope to bring a new video feature to the site soon but in the meantime, pop in to take a look. We think Chris should charge on the door to marvel at this recording experience!


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