credits Archive page: published 2002

Andy McEdit

Guitarist, Producer, Engineer, Programmer


1995-2001 Producer/engineer, Unigram Records Remixing work of all styles (2 step,Garage,House,Pop etc) with various artistes in the Unigram Studio ( Billie Piper, Atomic Kitten, Steps ) as well as session work ( Guitar, backing vox ) in advertising . Also in the last few years I have mixed and produced tracks for Graham Lyle, Harry Kane and Viola wills . During this time I have also played  regularly around London in various bands.

1987-1995 Freelance Audio engineer.  This is the time I was Touring with Linton Kwesi Johnson world-wide  and working freelance at various studios up and down the country, such as  ( EMI Abbey road, Palladium studios; Edinburgh .Cava; Glasgow .Great Linford Manor,Marcus studios,Red Bus studios ) and many more all over London and in  Europe .

1978-1987 Producer, Engineer, Musician
I started audio engineering at TMC studios in Tooting, London where I specialised in reggae and dance music. I was  during this time a member of the Nick Straker Band
in the early eighties and co-produced and wrote material for four albums. It was also during this time that I worked with Dennis Bovell, who I still work with to this day. I learned through this period about the more technical aspects of recording,( Tape alignment, microphone technique, and early automation systems ) as well as sequencing, digital recording and the use of time codes.


Born 1954 Edinburgh. During primary and secondary school education I played violin,ending up playing for the Scottish Youth Orchestra. On Leaving school I took up guitar and went to college to study electronics. When I was 19, I left home to live in Germany, where I toured around for  a year and a half.


I am fully conversant with modern day computer systems ( PC's and Apple macs ), especially in music format . Some of the programs I use include Cubase VST, Logic Audio, Sound Tools, as well as CD burning and Graphic programs . Mixing consoles I have worked on include SSL, Neve, Harrison, MCI, Soundcraft, TAC, Yamaha.

People I've Worked with

Dennis Brown
Sly and Robbie
Errol Dunkley
Sir Coxsone
Frankie Paul
Johnny Clarke
Sly and Robbie
Ken Boothe
Burning Spear
Winston Groovy
Dennis Bovell
Eddie Grant
Linton Kwesi Johnson
The Heptones
Third World
Me and You
Issac Hayes
Tippa Irie
Peter Chemist
Mad Professor
Bunny Wailer
Mikey Dread
After the fire
Tony Mansfield
New Music
Captain Sensible
The Piranha's
Rob Davis
Nick StrakerRay Stiles
Viola Wills
Chris Farley
Sadista Sisters
Manfred Mann
Direct Drive
The Mobiles
Harry Kane
Graham Lyle
Connor Reeves
Cocteau twins
Atomic Kitten
Billy Piper

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