credits Archive page: published 2001

Eric Geurts

Eric Geurts was the songwriter and guitar player of the Belgian pop-rock band "Kiss The Bride". They released two singles in 1995 with Tempo Records, distributed by EMI Music Belgium: "When The Love Is Gone", and "Sometimes It Just Ain't Enough".

After the band broke up, he concentrated on producing other artists; he produced girls band Indiana, for which he also wrote several songs: "Heart's Beating Wild", "Mysterious", "Waiting for a Miracle", and "Not Afraid of the Dark". The last one got released as a single by Polygram Belgium in 1997, and became a radio hit in Belgium. The guitar and vocal tracks were recorded in his project studio (Flying Snowman Studio) in Tienen. Bass and drums were added in Studio ICP and Studio The Groove, were the mixings were done as well.

Besides writing new songs and producing starting artists, he wrote a bunch of software programs for synthesizers and guitar synthesizers. He also recorded two instrumental cd's, called "Umgawa!" (1988) and "Stories from the Blue Moon" (1990).

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