credits Archive page: published 2001

Fulton Dingley

Fulton is a talented young producer/engineer with a strong musical background whose work has already achieved both critical and commercial success. In the last year Fulton has mixed the international hit single for Toploader "Just Hold On", and recorded and mixed the hit album and singles from the Kula Shaker album "Peasants Pigs and Astronauts" both for Sony Music. He has also co-produced tracks on the quarter million selling album by StereoLab "Cobran Phases Group?" and recorded and mixed their current mini album "The First of the Microbe Hunters". Fulton's musicality as co-producer, programmer and engineer has contributed to all three albums by ground breaking artists The High Llamas. In the last two years Fulton has also worked with Gay Dad, Collapsed Lung, Placebo, Gomez and esteemed Jazz artists Iain Bellamy and Django Bates. Fulton is an accomplished musician playing bass, keyboards and backing vocals.

(CP = Co Produced, R = Record, M = Mix,)

Artist Project Label/Producer
Toploader Single (M) Just Hold On Sony/Tommy D
Kula Shaker

Album(R and M)
Peasant Pigs and Astronauts

Sony/Bob Ezrin
Kula Shaker Single (M) Sound Of Drums Fulton

2 Albums (CP /R and M)
The first of the Microbe Hunter,
Cobran Phrases and single Wow and Flutter

Duophonic /Electra
The High Llamas

3 Albums (CP /R and M and programmer)
Cold and Bouncy,Snowbug,Buzzle Bee


Gay Dad

Album tracking -to be released (R) London Records
Collapsed Lung

Album Cooler (CP/ R and M)
Album Jackpot Goalie (R and M)
Coca Cola/Euro 96 theme /Eat My Goal (R and M)

Heavy Stereo Album(R and M) Creation/John Bell
Placebo Single(R and M) Deceptive
The Stereo MC's Album Tracking(R) Island Records
Gomez Radio Session for Radio One (R and M) Fulton
Susan James Album (CP, R and M)  
Teenage Fanclub B sides (CP, R and M) Creation
The Warm Jets Album Tracking (R) Island Records
Linolium Album tracking (R,)  
Manic Street Preachers Stereo Lab remix (M) Sony Music
Damien O'Neil

Album (M) -current album
For release 2001

Unbelievable Truth Album Tracking (R) Island
Anti Product Album (CP, R and M) Consume and Die  
Jack Album Mix (M) Too Pure
Cornelius Remix with High Llamas (CP/M)