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Howie Beno

Real Producers

Being the former programmer for seminal industrial outfit Ministry, Howie needs no introduction for his formidable programming and technology skills. However, there?s far more than a technological expertise to Howie. A talented writer and musician, Howie understands the structure of music and brings an overall experience to his projects. A producer in the true sense of the word, Howie also owns a state-of-the-art residential studio in Connecticut.

Howie Beno - Selected Discography

Artist: Album: Credit: Label:

Seymour Glass “Note To Self” Prd,Mxr,Eng 456 Entertainment
Blondie “Good Boys” From “The Curse Of Blondie” * Pgm Sanctuary
Kill Hannah “American Jet Set” Prd,Mxr,Eng,CWtr Babydoll
Stereomud “Perfect Self” CPrd,Eng Loud/Columbia
Ministry “Psalm 69” Pgm,CWtr Sire
Xzibit “X” From “Front 2 Back” * Rmx Loud/Jive Intnl.
Three Six Mafia “Tongue Ring” * Rmx Loud
Russell Watson “Reprise” Pgm Decca/Universal
Russell Watson “Encore” Pgm, Banjo Decca/Universal
Xecutioners feat. MOP “Let It Bang” * Rmx Loud
Fono “Break It All Down” * Mxr
Marz “LungFumoshee” CWtr Emagine
Chemlab “Chemical Halo” * Rmx Fifth Column
Sister Soleil “Soularium” Prd,Wtr Universal
Sister Soleil “Drown Me In You” Prd,Wtr Universal
Sister Soleil “Bare” Wtr,Prd,Mxr Universal
Sister Soleil “Bazamba” Kiss The Girls Movie Music Wtr,Prd Paramount/Universal
Drill / Howie Beno “SheBop” * Jawbreaker Movie Soundtrack Prd, Mxr PGD/London Classics
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away” * Rmx Warner Bros
Francesca Gregorini “Sequel” Wtr,Pgm,Eng Ptolomea
Blink “Deep Inside The Sound Of Sadness” Prd,Mxr,Eng EMI
13mg “Trust And Obey” Wtr,Prd Slipdisc
Dink “Green Mind” * Rmx Capitol
Jesus and Mary Chain “Reverence” * Rmx American
Grace Jones “Sex Drive” * Rmx Island
Monster Voodoo Machine “Suffer System” CPrd RCA
The Prodigals “Needs Must The Devil Drive” Prd,Mxr Grab Entertainment
Pretty Dead Girl (Movie Soundtrack) Mxr
EDL “Moment Of Clarity” Mxr,Eng KMG
Skrew “Dusted” CPrd Metal Blade Mindbomb “Do You Need Some” * Rmx Mercury
Skold “Neverland” Eng RCA
M.O.P. “Ante Up” * Rmx Loud
Kilgore “TK421”, “Lullaby For Your Casket” * Rmx Giant
13mg “Eternacate” Wtr,CProd,Eng Slipdisc
BTK “Peppyrock”, “Corncob Pipe” * Rmx Ignition
Skatenigs “Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed” Pgm Megaforce
Kill Lizzie “Waste, Fat, Grease And Bones” Wtr,Prd,Mxr Babydoll
Testify “Anger” * Rmx,Prg Van Richter
LaTour “Craziasscowboi”, “Don’t Jump” * Rmx Smash/Island
Sheep on Drugs “Motorbike”, “Track X” * Rmx Smash/Island
The Ernies “Here And Now” * Rmx Universal
The Bloodhound Gang “The Bad Touch” * Rmx Republic/Universal
Static X “Push It” * Rmx Warner Bros.
ABC College Football (Original Music) Wtr,Rmx ABC Sports
ABC Superbowl XXXIV (Original Music) Wtr,Rmx ABC Sports* denotes single rather than albumEng= Engineering, Prg= Programming, Prd= Producer, Wrt= Writer, Rmx= Remixer, CWrt=Cowriter, CPrd= CoProducer, Mxr=Mixer