credits Archive page: published 2000

John Siket

Real Producers

Supremely versatile and extremely experienced, John continues to make cutting edge, exciting records. There are few engineers who have the all-round ear that John has and he brings a certain uniqueness to all of his projects.

John also owns two state-of-the-art 24 track studios located in New York City and New Jersey.



1999 moe Album Album Fatboy

1997 The Most Sordid Pies 'Grit & Sunshine' Album Gorilla

1996 Cycomotogoat 'Braille' Album W.A.R.

1995 Sonic Youth 'Washing Machine' Album Geffen

1994 Cycomotogoat 'Alkaline' Album W.A.R.

1994 No Safety 'Live at the Knitting Factory' Album Knit. Fact. Works

1993 Cell 'Slo-Blo' Album Geffen

1991 Cycomotogoat 'Cycomotogoat' EP Diesel




1997 Blonde Redhead 'Fake Can Be Just As Good' Album Smells Like Records

1997 Tindersticks 'Curtains' Album Island

1997 Geraldine Fibbers 'Butch' Album Virgin

1997 Replacements 'All For Nothing/Nothing for All' Box Set Reprise

1997 Phish 'Slip, Stitch & Pass' Album Elektra

1997 Dave Matthews Band 'Very Special Christmas, Vol. 3' Track

1996 Magnapop 'The Crush' Track Priority

1995 Blonde Redhead 'Blonde Redhead' Album Smells Like Records

1995 Catherine 'Sorry' Track TVT

1995 Blonde Redhead 'Mia Vita Violenta' Album Smells Like Records

1995 Gutterball 'Weasel' Album Mute/Elektra

1994 Blood Oranges 'Crying Tree' Album Rykodisk

1994 Go to Blazes 'Anytime...Anywhere' Album Eastside Digital

1993 Yo La Tengo 'May I Sing With Me' Track Alias

1993 700 Miles 'Live EP' EP RCA

1992 Sonic Youth 'Dirty' Album Geffen

1991 Medeski, Martin & Wood 'From The Underground' Album


Engineered & Mixed


2000 Phish 'Farmhouse Album (forthcoming) Elektra

1999 Ellwood 'The Parlence Of Our Time' Album Palm Pictures

1999 Guster 'Lost & Gone Forever' Album Sire

1998 Ours 'Distorted Lullubyes' Tracks Dreamworks

1998 Speedway 'Entertainment' Single Lava/Atlantic

1998 moe 'Tin Cans & Car Tires' Album Sony

1997 Suburbia 'Suburbia' Track Geffen

1997 The Lemonheads 'Balancing Act/Galveston' Single Atlantic

1997 Jonathan Fire Eater 'Tremble Under Boom Lights' EP Medicine

1996 Phish 'Billy Breathes' Album Elektra

1996 Thurston Moore 'Psychic Hearts' Album Geffen

1996 Freedy Johnston 'Kingpin Soundtrack' Tracks

1995 Ed Schuller 'To Know Where One Is' Album Tutu

1994 Freedy Johnston 'This Perfect World' Album Elektra

1994 Sonic Youth 'Carpenters Tribute' Track A&M Records

1994 Bigfood 'Semi Precious Metal' Album Tutu

1994 Sonic Youth Experimental 'Jet Set, Trash & No Star' Album Geffen

1994 Ms Lum 'Airport Love Songs' Album Bar None

1994 Bluerunners 'Chateau Chuck' Album Ichiban

1993 Ed Schuller 'Eleventh Hour' Album Tutu

1993 Sam Bennett 'Big Off' Album Knit. Fact. Works

1993 Health & Happiness Show 'Tonic' Album Album

1993 Six Finger Satellite Single Single Sub Pop

1992 Yo La Tengo 'That Is Yo La Tengo' Album City Slang

1992 No Safety 'Spill' Album Knit. Fact. Works

1991 Hat Shoes 'Desperately Different' Album Rec Rec

(David Thomas/Bill Gilonis)




1999 Phish 'The Siket Disk' Album Phis Rec.

1999 M2M 'Shades Of Purple' Tracks Atlantic

1998 Phish 'Story of the Ghost' Album Elektra

1997 Travis 'Good Feeling' Album Independiente

1996 Elysian Fields 'Elysian Fields' Tracks Radioactive

1996 Triple Fast Action 'Broadcaster' Album Capitol

1996 You Am I 'Hi Fi Way' Album WEA

1996 Dave Matthews 'Crash' Album RCA

1995 Helmet 'Milque Toast ' Track Columbia

(Taken from 'The Crow' Soundtrack)

1995 Helmet/David Yow 'Encomium: Tribute to Led Zepplin' Album Atlantic

1995 Soul Asylum 'Let Your Dim Light Shine' Album Columbia

1995 Health & Happiness Show 'Instant Living' Album Bar None

1995 Third Person 'Water' Album Knit. Fact. Works

1994 Helmet 'Betty' Tracks Atlantic

1993 Freedy Johnston 'Unlucky' EP Bar None

1993 Kate Jacobs 'Calm Come After' Album Bar None

1992 Freedy Johnston 'Can You Fly' Album Bar None

1992 Delbert McClinton 'Never Been Rocked Enough' Album Curb

1991 Chris Stamey 'Fireworks' Album A&M

1990 Yo La Tengo 'Fakebook' Album Bar None

Assitant Engineer

1993 Billy Hart 'Amethyst' Album DIW

1992 Deep Purple 'Battle Rages On' Album

1992 Stanley Turrentine 'More than a Mood' Album Jazz Masters