credits Archive page: published 2001

Jules Bromley



Tel. +44 20 7371 3342
Fax. +44 20 7371 3910

Jules has made a name for himself as a dance remixer with mainstream production values. His recent credits include Texas (2 remixes on their current Greatest Hits album plus mixes of their next single 'Inner Smile' and probable 3rd single), Bran Van 3000, V.A.S.T, David Arnold/David McAlmont, Kirsty MaColl, Ultimate Kaos etc.

His success in invariably securing additional airplay with his mixes has ensured repeat work for many of those he's remixed, with Texas now employing his talents for the 7th time. He also remixes as Trailermen, when a more eclectic sound is required, meaning he's as happy with indies as with major labels. As Trailermen he's also had successful releases of his own material on labels such as Dorado, Balance, Resolution and Planet Nice.

In his spare time he is half of the act Columbo, signed to V2, who charted last year with their debut single. Other collaborations have included work with Dimitri form Paris and Alistair Whitehead and he's currently writing with the inimitable voice of Bran Van 3000's 'Drinking in LA', Stephane Moraille. He also writes and produces for TV, has tracks or mixes in the movies 'Forces of Nature' and 'Peaches' to his credit, and is published by Warner Music.