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Ronan Chris Murphy

Ronan Chris Murphy began his musical career as a Teenager playing clubs in the Early 80s Washington DC hardcore scene in a yappy little punk rock band called Freak Baby that would also later serve as Dave Grohl of Nirvana and the Foo fighters debut into the musical world. Murphy went on to perform extensively and tour throughout North American in a Scene that would later be labeled Alternative, sharing the stage with bands such as Dinosaur Jr., All, The Flaming lips, Gwar and the Rollins Band. By the end of the 80s he made the switch to production and quickly gained a reputation as a producer & mixer for "musician's musicians". Throughout the 90s his work had him traveling the globe and residing in 3 different countries. In this time he has worked with a virtual whos who list of the some of the worlds greatest and most prestigious musicians, such as jazz legends like Chucho Valdes and Kenny Wheeler, rock pioneers King Crimson (several albums), Steve Morse (of the Dixie Dreggs and Deep Purple), Terry Bozzio (Zappa, Missing Persons), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol band), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, Seal, John Lennon) and modern musicians such as Martin Sexton and Joan La Barbara (of the Philip Glass Ensemble).

Despite being most known for working with virtuoso musicians, Murphy has always been most interested in great songs and a great vibe. He still dedicates much of his time to working with developing artists in a wide range of musical style. This last fall he went from working with rock band in Santa Barbara, (with a few of the guys from Dishwalla) to a pop band in LA (with Brian Bell of Weezer) to an R&B singer in Canada to an Extreme metal band, and a folk singer in Seattle, then off to work with a Latin rock band in Europe.

Ronan Chris Murphy's diverse performing and recording background consistently attracts a wide range of artists. Almost all of his projects are with artists that are really trying to find a unique voice as artists or to push boundaries in their particular field. Rather than being known for a particular sound Murphy in known for working with artist to help them find their own sound and trying to create a unique vibe for each record.

Murphy now resides in Los Angeles, but has previous lived in Seattle, Canada, Boston, Virginia and spent much of 98 and 99 living in England on Robert Fripps Estate. Murphy and Fripp began working together in 1997 on the G3 tour with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. That began a long working relationship that absorbed most of two years. Murphy toured with Fripp and King Crimson and spent the time off the road living in England working with Robert on several King Crimson albums and DVD projects. Another benefit of the King Crimson projects was beginning working relationships with some of the other members of the band who he continues to work with when ever possible (3 albums with Tony Levin this year). Murphy recently founded Veneto West, a company that handles music production, artist management, consulting for the music industry and music placement in film and television.

Murphy was a charter member of the Music Producers Guild of the Americas, a member of the Recording Academy and a regular columnist for Fuse Magazine. He has been an invited speaker and panelist at SXSW (South by Southwest), NXNW (North by Northwest), The Action Poetry Festival, the International Organ Festival, and the ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) and served as musical director for the Paris based Ka Ti Ma dance company. Contact Ronan Chris Murphy: Email Ronan Chris Murphy www.venetowest.comRecord Producer / MixerArtist Management

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