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Dave Eringa in conversation with Mike Exeter at Rockfield Studios



Dave Eringa took Mike Exeter on a tour around his setup at Rockfield Studios



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Way up in North Wales, George Shilling tracked ace producer Dave Eringa at Bryn Derwen Studios and fired the questions that ranged from serious to 'curved ball'.... We hope that you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed meeting Dave, a true great guy and bound to be 'mega producer' one day!


chris lord alge - top remixer behind the ssl mixing board in recording studio



Who is Dave Eringa? That's what we were at Bryn Derwen to find out. Dave is one of the names that we hear mentioned all the time but for some reason hadn't met him so we were relieved to find that he is one of the most entertaining and talented producers that we've yet found.


For all of the biog blurb visit his website but you most likely know that he's produced loads of the Manic Street Preachers work but maybe his work with Kylie Minogue is less familiar... Watch the video and in 20 minutes you'll know loads more about the producer that we tip to be 'mega' in the near future!

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Special thanks to all at Bryn Derwen, George Shilling and Dave for his time. A special mention must go to Greg Haver too.


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EXTRA - A 30 second Dave Eringa potato conversation on YouTube




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