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Contact Dave Maughan -

Dave Maughan recently came to prominence through his work on the 2000 Mercury Music Prize nominated Kathryn Williams album Little Black Numbers, and the critically acclaimed, ground-breaking (and eponymously titled) debut
album by The Morris Quinlan Experience.

With nigh on fifteen years recording industry experience, he cites his additional grounding in feature film and TV work as partly how he's able to offer "something new, perhaps a more 'filmic' approach to recording and producing albums."

Dave is also amongst the top music editors in the UK, and whilst familiar with most high end digital editing systems, favours the British Soundscape Digital system, which he has found to be faster and more reliable than many others. 

His Newcastle based Face Musical Productions Studio combines a formidable Soundscape Digital recording/editing system with the more traditional analogue 2" 24-track tape format, and boasts excellent microphones, superb Genelec tri-amped monitors and some cool vintage valve (tube) equipment. Oh, and a beautiful Hammond C3 with Leslie 122R !

Find out more about Dave by visiting his website or read the feature article on him in the November 2000 issue of Sound On Sound magazine 

Other recent and ongoing album projects include a stunning debut from singer/songwriter Bex Mather, another by Richard Dawson, Unprofessional Love by The Sweet, Sweet Adventures Of Crazy Sorrow, an acoustic album called
Premier by Northumbrian folkies Liz Law and Terry Conway, Gladstone's Breaking The Colours, and T-Bass UK's second album The Fabulous Neutrinos.

In the past he's worked with such famous names as Lindisfarne, The Animals, Billy Connolly, Robson Green, Dennis Waterman, Andrew Sachs, Craig Fairbrass, and more recently he's produced radio sessions with Kevin
Montgomery (Nashville), Oh Susanna (Toronto) and Mary Lee's Corvette (New York City). And right at the other end of the scale, he's worked on three albums with German folk-metal-ers Skyclad.

"Keeps me off the street !", he remarks dryly. Dave has a jolly good sense of humour, drinks too much tea, loves bacon sarnies, and is probably one of the easiest people in the world to work with.


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