Digital audio workstations, software & audio interfaces

This area is focused on DAW recording software and hardware used for recording, mixing, editing and mastering on your computer. 


In the old days we recorded to tape.  In pro circles some still use tape for its creative options but in most cases the World has moved on to the DAW or 'digital audio workstation'.


We can now do much more than record, we can edit and mix in the box.  We can use 'plug in's which may be software effects processors, auto tune and even samplers and virtual instruments.


High end DAW's are still quite expensive but now you can put a mini recording studio in to your computer.  Just add microphones and monitors - and cables - and you're set to go.

Just a word of caution.  Technology moves forwards fast and today's top end system is tomorrow's door stop but if you make sure that the equipment does what you need of it, that doesn't really matter.


Another thought.  Many producers tend to prefer to not 'mix in the box' and take the individual outputs or 'stems' in to analog summing amps or mixing desks to give a warmer and more vibey sound.  We will look at these options on other pages.  In addition to this, many producers prefer to control the workstation with a 'controller' which lets you use real faders to play with the levels rather than use a mouse.  It makes it more human.

So, the basic requirements are not that complicated.  You need a computer with suitable software and interfaces to get the signals from instruments and mics in and for you to monitor the recorded or mixed sound.


Software packages vary greatly in price and complexity so spend a bit of time looking at what you need.  Just remember, if you're a musician recording at home, the more technology that you're playing with, the more you can become distracted.  Sometimes, a simpler system is better - then you can go to a studio with a great sounding space to do the big recording, or even take your project to mix.


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If you're putting a studio together you will need microphones, cables and monitors.  Follow these shortcut's to save time:


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