Digidesign Mbox 2 audio interface

With the Mbox you can have a fully functioning recording studio environment wherever you go. For many the Mbox is the micro studio of choice.

Mbox 2, Digidesign's Pro Tools LE-based portable studio, offers novices and pros alike command of any project and full session compatibility with other Pro Tools systems, all the way up to Pro Tools|HD systems. The Pro Tools LE software included with Mbox 2 shares many of the same features as the award-winning software used by professionals worldwide. With its spectrum of features, Mbox 2 -- Digidesign's most affordable Pro Tools LE product -- works hand in hand with your creativity to bring your ideas to life.


The physical design of the Mbox 2 hardware unit is both distinctive and functional: It can be positioned horizontally or vertically for easy placement. Mbox 2 comes with two faceplates, which are easily swapped using the included hex wrench. One faceplate features a large handle that makes the unit easily portable. The second faceplate, which offers a rubberized grip, allows Mbox 2 to sit flat on a desktop and reduces the space required when the unit is packed for traveling.


digidesign mbox 2 recording studio audio interface


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Mbox 2 is a full-featured, USB-powered studio-in-a-box that works with your Window XP- or Mac OS X-based computer to give you a compact, portable, professional-quality audio production system. With a distinctive hardware interface that delivers exceptional sound quality, Mbox 2 works in conjunction with your computer and your Pro Tools LE software to provide the creative power you need to achieve professional results. Complementing the hardware interface's analog, digital, and MIDI I/O, Pro Tools LE software offers 32 tracks of simultaneous recording and playback, 128 virtual tracks, 256 MIDI tracks, and a host of additional features. As with all Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools LE systems, Mbox 2 also ships with the Pro Tools Ignition Pack -- an impressive array of added composition and production tools to extend the power of your system. From beginning to end, Mbox 2 places you in an ideal position to realize your creative vision.


While Mbox 2 is a fully functional system, many additional products are available that can increase the scope and performance of your Pro Tools LE environment. High-powered RTAS (real-time) and AudioSuite (file-based) plug-ins, designed and built by Digidesign and Digidesign Development Partners, are available for virtually every signal processing, sound design, and specialized editing purpose. These plug-ins work in conjunction with Pro Tools LE in both real-time and non-real-time formats, frequently improving upon the hardware counterparts that they emulate. The addition of a FireWire drive is also a wise choice, improving the performance of your system by increasing throughput and data transfer speeds. As a registered user, you always have access to software upgrades and free updates as Digidesign continues to develop new ways of improving your Pro Tools experience.


digidesign mbox 2 studio interface for pro toolsEach Mbox 2 system includes Pro Tools LE software, 37 DigiRack plug-ins, the Pro Tools Ignition Pack, and the recently integrated 7 professional Bomb Factory plug-ins. Getting your Mbox 2 system up and running involves a quick, simple, four-step process. First, load your Pro Tools LE software onto your computer. Second, connect your Mbox 2 to your computer with the provided USB cable -- this same USB connection powers your Mbox 2 and manages audio data transactions between your Mbox 2 and your computer. Third, connect your signal sources -- mics, instrument cables, patch cords, MIDI cables, etc. -- to your Mbox 2 interface. Lastly, launch Pro Tools LE software. At that point, you're ready to go. It's that simple.

For added creative processing options right out of the box, Digidesign presents the Mbox 2 Factory bundle -- a complete Mbox 2 system plus a set of potent Digidesign and Bomb Factory plug-ins (a retail value of more than $1,050!) with an iLok USB Smart Key that has those plug-ins preauthorized.


Mbox 2 Factory plug-ins include


Moogerfooger Analog Delay

JOEMEEK SC2 Photo Optical Compressor

JOEMEEK VC5 Meequalizer

Cosmonaut Voice

Digidesign Maxim


As a complement to the comprehensive collection of intuitive software products included with the Mbox 2 system, the hardware interface is both powerful and easy to use, featuring a distinctive external design, impressive sound quality, and extensive input and output options. Connect your MIDI module or controller, then plug your guitar or bass directly into the DI jack (without the need for an extra preamp), your keyboard or mixer into the line jack, or your mic into the XLR jack.


Launch a new Pro Tools session to build and manage your project, and you're in an ideal position to create -- from beginning to end, in a fully self-contained environment. The Mbox 2 system's hardware and software interact seamlessly, offering you all the power and flexibility of a Pro Tools workstation in a results-oriented micro studio.




4 simultaneous inputs and outputs with analog and digital I/O*

2 analog inputs (XLR, 1/4 in. line, and 1/4 in. DI jacks) and two analog outputs (1/4 in. jacks)

2 channels of S/PDIF digital I/O (RCA)

48V phantom power for condenser microphones

24-bit/48 kHz audio

MIDI in/out

Zero-latency monitoring

100% USB powered

* 4 simultaneous inputs require 2 channels of digital input plus 2 analog channels.


Technical Info

Analog Inputs -- 2
Separate source selection and gain control per channel

Mic: XLR with 48V phantom power

Mic preamp: >120 db EIN @ > 40 dB gain

Line: 1/4 in.

DI: 1/4 in.

Maximum Input: 8.7 V RMS (balanced), or +21 dBu

Analog Line Outputs -- 2
Maximum Output: +4 dBV into 1 kohm

Unbalanced output connectors

Headphone Output
Separate volume control, 1/4 in. output

> 6 mW into 50 ohm

Digital I/O
S/PDIF I/O (24-bit)

RCA jacks



24-bit clean to/from the computer

USB type B socket (v. 1.1); cable included (does not support passive USB hubs)

Dimensions -- measured with Mbox 2 in horizontal (handle-down) configuration
Height, box: 14.9cm; with handle: 17.7cm; with handle cover: 15.6cm

Width: 22.4cm

Depth: 18.4cm (includes knobs)

Weight: 1.23 kg.

Sample Rate: 44.1, 48 kHz

Dynamic Range: 106 dB (A-weighted), 103 dB (unweighted)1,2

THD+N (line input): 0.003% (-90.4 dB) @ 1 kHz1,3

THD+N @ 40 dB gain (mic input): 0.006% (-84 dB) @ 1 kHz1

Mic EIN (unweighted): -120 dB @ 40 dB gain, 150 ohm source

Frequency Response: +0/-0.5 dB, 20 Hz - 20 kHz3

Maximum Input: +21 dBu

Input Impedance (pad off): Mic=3.5 kOhm; Line=10 kOhm; DI= >1 MOhm.

Sample Rate: 44.1, 48 kHz

Dynamic Range: 106 dB (A-weighted), 103 dB (unweighted)1,4

THD+N: 0.003% (-90.4 dB); -1 dBFS @ 1 kHz1,3

Frequency Response: +/-0.5 dB, 20 Hz -- 20 kHz3
1 Measurement made using balanced connectors
2 ADC measured -60 dBFS method with minimum gain setting
3 Measured relative to level at 1 kHz
4 Measured with digital input at -60 dBFS @ 1 kHz


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