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A great range of recording studio equipment and home recording equipment at great prices


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The Eden Studios archive video feature

Eden Studios video

6.3Mb in size - Quick Time




Eden Studio One Specs

• Solid State Logic 6056G + 4 stereo channels with G series computer & Total Recall.

• Mobile Keyboard Station.

• Separate equipment room (visible from control room).

• Monitor for display of SSL computer display & TV/video sources (2).

• Video sync available.

• Studio fully air conditioned.
• 10m x 7m (33’ x 22’) recording area with 2 vocal booths & drum booth. Yamaha 3/4 Grand Piano.

• Private daylit lounge with cable TV, video & stereo. Kitchen & dining area with fridge & microwave
• 2" Studer A800 mk III 24trk with optional Dolby A system (2)

• 1/2" Studer A80 with optional Dolby A or SR system

• Synchronisers - Motionworker & AMS-Neve ES Lock 1.12 (3)

• DAT - Tascam DA30 mk II

• DAT - Tascam DA20 (2)

• CD-R - HHB CDR800

• Cassette - Aiwa AD-F810 (1)

• Quested 15x2

• Yamaha NS10Ms

• AR18s

• Auratones

• AR18BXs

• KRK K-Roks
Effects, etc
• A&D Pan Scan

• AMS 15-80s 2ch delay/harmoniser

• AMS RMX 16 digital reverb

• BEL BD80

• BEL BD80s

• BEL BF20 Flanger

• Eventide H3000-D/SX ultra harmoniser

• EMT 140 stereo plate

• Lexicon 480L reverb

• Lexicon PCM 70 (v.3.01)

• Roland SDE3000 delay

• Yamaha Rev 7 digital reverb

• Yamaha SPX 90

Compressors & Gates
• Allison Gain Brain/Kepex (2)

• DBX 160X compressor (2)

• DBX 902 de-esser (4)

• Drawmer 1960 valve compressor

• Drawmer DS201 Dual Gate (2)

• Urei 1176LN limiter (2)
• BSS DPR-901 II

• Amek PM101 eq (4)

• Focusrite mic amp/eq (8ch)

• Klark Teknik DN27 31 band graphic eq

• TLA Neve eq & mic amp (4ch)










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